Everything you need to know about Nicki Minaj’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Case

Last year, Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty faced a lawsuit. According to a woman named Jennifer Hough, Petty had r**ed her at the age of 16. Although he faced jail time, Hough claimed that he and the rapper threatened her and her family members. Therefore, she filed a lawsuit against both of them. However, now she has dropped the name of the rapper from the lawsuit.


Although Kenneth Petty is a registered s*x offender, Nicki Minaj is still married to him.

In 2019, Nicki Minaj got married to Kenneth Petty who also goes by the nickname of Zoo. According to sources, the two had known each other since childhood. Prior to his relationship with Minaj, Petty has been arrested for r*ping the 16-year-old Jennifer Hough. After getting out of prison, he again got arrested for manslaughter charges. Despite his active criminal record, Nicki Minaj chose to get married to him and have a baby with him. And at the same time, she defends him whenever she gets a chance.

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Last year, Jennifer Hough filed a lawsuit against both husband and wife.

Although Kenneth petty was released from prison after four years in the 90s, his victim could not find peace. According to Jennifer Hough, Nicki Minaj’s husband held a knife to her and forced her to enter the house in 1994. After that, he r**ed her and got arrested and served time for four years. In 2021, he was again arrested for failing to register as a s*x offender in California. Since then, Jennifer Hough and her family received threats from people claiming to know Nicki Minaj and her husband. Therefore, she decided to file a lawsuit against both of them. According to the lawsuit, Hough faced harassment and witness intimidation. At the same time, she faced emotional distress because of Minaj and Petty.

Few days back, it was reported that Nicki Minaj was dropped from the lawsuit.

After months of messy proceedings and chaotic events, a new report has come forward. A few days back, Nicki Minaj was dropped from the lawsuit. However, claims against Kenneth Petty are still active and live. According to the news reports, Nicki Minaj is dropped without prejudice. It means that Hough can refile a lawsuit against her whenever she wants. On the other hand, Minaj’s attorney claims that she was never served properly and such a claim was inappropriate.

So far, Nicki has not responded to the news directly.

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