Tristan Thompson Says His Baby Momma Maralee Nichols Is Only Suing Him For Fame

We all know that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloé Kardashian yet again. Just like with the Jordyn Woods scandal, his cheating affair this time is no simple one. The woman he had an affair with was his own personal trainer, Maralee Nichols. Things got quite messy as she allegedly got pregnant with his child and then sued him for childcare support. In her lawsuit, she’s making a claim that Tristan was going to pay her almost seventy-five thousand dollars in order for her to stay quiet and get an abortion.

Moreover, there were multiple fake accounts that claimed to be Maralee, and shared false rumors. One was that Tristan was going to leave Khloé Kardashian and be with her instead. Another false rumor was that Kylie Jenner and Drake had a secret affair together. But those claims were found to be false. Even then, things are getting quite messy. Tristan Thompson is taking a legal action to prevent more misinformation from spreading it seems.

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Tristan Thompson is filing an emergency gag order.

The order prevents Maralee Nichols to disclose information about their legal battle to the public

The paternity suit that is making rounds on the internet is getting more and more complicated as even false rumors are gaining traction. So, Tristan Thompson has filed for an emergency gag order. This will mean that Maralee Nichols cannot disclose any more information about the lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed in Harris County in Texas. It happened a few days after the lawsuit became public news.

Tristan Thompson made the claim in his filing that Maralee Nichols’ intention with her lawsuit was to get fame and attention. The NBA player also alleges that Nichols’ added fabricated Snapchat messages in their legal battle just to paint him in a bad light. The messages that Nichols is showing weren’t actually sent, but just created by her in order to win the lawsuit.

Moreover, Thompson adds that Maralee Nichols was the one who ‘alerted the media’ about her being pregnant with his child and the lawsuits taking place. She did it despite the fact that the court had granted a protective order that would guard the documents including personal information.

In the filing, the basketball players also shares that as a result of Maralee’s actions, he’s suffered ‘damages and extreme distress’.

Tristan Thompson is requesting the court to have an emergency hearing for the gag order. Furthermore, he also wants Maralee to give the fees for the gag order request. She also has to post a thirty thousand dollar bond so that she will make sure not to violate it. There has been no decision made yet about this.

As of now, Tristan Thompson has confessed to having a sexual relationship with Maralee Nichols while he was still dating Khloé Kardashian. When she sued him for child support, Thompson had filed for a request for a paternity test. She had not taken the test till November 15th but it seems like she would have no other choice. Tristan Thompson is only willing to pay for child support if it’s confirmed that the child is his.

We’ll let you know if we hear anything else.

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