Steve Carell Teases Reboot Of ‘The Office’ During SNL Monologue

Steve Carell teased the reboot of his popular sitcom, ‘The Office’ during the SNL Monologue.
The comedian pro, bunches some of his former “Office” characters during his opening monologue of SNL on Nov. 17. Actor Steve Carell has joined “Saturday Night Live” for the third time.

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Steve Carell With His ‘The Office’ Cast At SNL

This week on SNL, some of his former cast members from “The Office” requested him to act in a reboot of his popular sitcom ‘The Office’. The office had its finale episode back in 2013.

Steve Carell rejected the idea with a simple No.

The former cast of the office including Ed Helms, Jenna Fischer and Ellie Kemper gave a surprise showcase during Carell’s opening monologue. Even Carell’s family, his wife with two kids Elisabeth and John, were present at the show.

His wife, Nancy, advises him,

“We think you should probably do the show, We don’t really need you to hang around anymore.”

The Reboot Of ‘The Office’ Created  A Polemic Aura At The Show

The bone of contentions gets harder when a person from the audience member inquired about the reboot of the popular workplace comedy,

With this inquiry, a bang of questions attacked Steve, as follow up questions.

It was amazing to see former office cast raising one by one from their seats to attack Steve.

Ellie Kemper, who played the secretary Erin Hannon on the show called Carell a jerk. She was angry upon refusing the proposal of a reboot.

Fischer also reminded the last words. Her character from the sitcom utter to Steve’s character of “The Office”: “Steve don’t be a dick, do the reboot.”

Why Steve Carell Don’t Want To Reboot The Show:

Despite of several convincing comments, Carell  still opposed the idea. The actor has several concerns in mind.

According to Steve, his character of Michael Scott, has crafted some weird behavioral images that might not complement the contemporary trend. His point has weight.

He delivered his views,

“But apart from the fact that I just don’t think that’s a good idea, it might be impossible to do that show today and have people accept it the way it was accepted ten years ago,”

he further said.

“The climate’s different. I mean, the whole idea of that character, Michael Scott, so much of it was predicated on inappropriate behavior. I mean, he’s certainly not a model boss. A lot of what is depicted on that show is completely wrong-minded. That’s the point, you know? But I just don’t know how that would fly now.”

However, when he talked to Esquire recently, he seemed to be in favor of reruns. It appeared that he wanted to bring back the show on Netflix.

Finally, Carell’s former co-stars joined him onstage. Later, in his monologue he surprisingly teased the audience by commenting that he had an announcement to make.

It’s still vague whether the actor agrees to join the reboot or the fans remain disappointed!

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