Tyler Joseph On Twenty One Pilots’ Rocky Road To Success

 Last week Twenty One Pilots performed at Talking Stick Resort Arena, in Phoenix. The concert proved to be a massive momentum in the career history of the musical duo. Having all tickets sold out is is no rare occasion for the two-member band. It’s certainly a testament of Tyler Joseph’s genius. However, this time at their Phoenix concert, there was a more distinctive touch to the performance. The distinctiveness of this concert was not a car engulfed in flames, neither was it Joseph’s bandana nor was it the gothic background. In fact, it was not even about the Phoenix concert which was probably the best concert twenty one pilots had ever performed – which featured all the hit songs from all official albums by the group. It was rather largely related to nostalgia that clicked Tyler Joseph and band-mate Josh Dun when they performed before an audience of a number greater than infinity. Their rendition reminded them of the obstacles and difficult times they had face to launch 21 pilots and while on the road of turning in recognition for the band.

Tyler Joseph Tweets About The Journey Of Twenty One Pilots

Tyler Joseph himself tweeted about his time at the phoenix concert.

Josh Dun And Tyler Joseph 5 Years Ago

The tweet was about a video that highlighted the journey of the two member band over the years. 5 years ago, back in March 2013 ,Tyler Joseph and band-mate Josh Dun had appeared before a basement of people in a catacomb in Arizona. The music system was essentially out of place, the pianos were old. Furthering, people did not really know who Tyler Joseph and Twenty One Pilots were. It isn’t the case here at the Phoenix concert.

Though the band has established back in 2009, it had had a rough journey walking its way through all the odds and securing places for its songs up the Billboard. 5 years ago, Joseph and his band gave a phenomenal performance. And upon the conclusion of which, he announced that  the band was looking for talented people all across the country. Joseph said he needed people whose sounds would resonate well with the peculiar messages in the tracks of Twenty One Pilots. The reaction was massive and the crowd quickly broke the peace in applause.

5 Years Later- Phoenix Concert

Now five years later Joseph Tyler was back in Phoenix. This time the audience had increased on a scale precisely not measurable. The difference between the two concerts was beyond just tangible. There were no obsolete musical equipment, nor was there a basement  stage. It was rather a whole background fortified with the most up-to-the-minute concert accessories, lights flashing lights, stunning sound effects. There was also a massive choir applause. The astonishing visual effects, cars up in flames, tight security also drew contrast from the 2013 performance. Moreover, the audience this time extended over the  space allotted for the concert. These are all the features that characterize the this success of Tyler Joseph today. Indeed, Twenty One Pilots have achieved a major feat together. Phoenix Concert proves that without a doubt.

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