Tana Mongeau talks about kissing Jeff Wittek at a recent party

Oh well!! We are once again here to give you all a scoop on Tana Mongeau’s recent single-life shenanigans. And this time, we are really glad to inform you all that she moved on to someone who is not Harry Jowsey, Bryce Hall, Joey Joy, or David Dobrik. Yes, guys! The lucky guy is none other than the Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek.

Or maybe Tana is the one who is really lucky to get some attention from a guy like Jeff Wittek. He is not just a softie at heart, but easy on the eyes too. As we all know Jeff is not only famous for being a part of the Vlog squad but he is also known for his barbershop. Which is known as Jeff’s Barbershop on YouTube. And recently, he surprised his friends with Jeff’s Barbershop hair products (launching for the very first time).

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How did Tana Mongeau and Jeff Wittek end up kissing each other?

Well, you all must be wondering how Tana Mongeau and Jeff Wittek ended up kissing each other! Here’s how it all started. It all happened when Jeff went to Tana’s place to drop by a package of his newly launched hair products. And then both of them get closer to each other and then we hear a smooch sound playing in the background. You will have to jump onto 5:20 to watch the whole thing and figure out if they actually kissed or not. Because I personally think that they were just pretending to kiss each other.

Then a couple of days later, Tana discussed the whole kissing thing on her podcast.

“I made out with Jeff Wittek at this party. The only reason why I am saying this is because we kissed on camera first. And I never thought that would happen. Like, I always jokingly flirt with Jeff when I see him.”

And there are definitely more details of the story.

“And he f-cking showed up to my party, I hate that I am saying this as a pickle. Because he is going to watch this clip. I just never thought Jeff would ever kiss me, let alone multiple times kissing. Like you know what I mean.”

Uhh well!! Tana, keeping your past history in mind, I think we all would like to see some sort of visual evidence of you kissing the uber-hot Jeff Wittek.

“Then he showed up and he was like I am not f-cking Dave, I f-cking want you. He is so funny, so hot. My love for David might be transferring over to Jeff which is kind of good.”

Umm!! Okay, finally Tana said something which makes a little sense. As we all know what happened between Jeff and David. So Tana should root for somebody who is a little less problematic than David Dobrik.

Tana further mentioned that a lot of things happened between Jeff and David Dobrik. And “Jeff definitely deserves more love than him“. And we definitely agree with her on this. Let us know in the comments down below if you ship Tana with Jeff.

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