Did Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Reunite for Halloween 2021?

It’s 2021, and Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are proving that you can still make it work with you ex! Are Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk following their footsteps? Fans seem to think so after Irina posted a rather interesting Halloween picture on her Instagram.

Here, take a look!

Instagram | Irina Shayk

Yep, those eyes seem familiar don’t they? Well, you’re not the only one who thinks so. Many fans think that the man in the gorilla suit is none other than Irina Shayk’s ex-boyfriend and ex-fiancé, Bradley Cooper.

For comparison purposes, here’s Bradley Cooper in ‘Sniper’.

And the mysterious man in the gorilla suit was also out for Trick-or-Treating in the streets.

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Irina Shayk herself was wearing a fierce catwoman outfit.


The comments section was full of love for Irina’s iconic outfit. However, there were a lot of mentions of Bradley Cooper as well. Fans are convinced that the mystery gorilla man is him.

One comment read as:

“Is that Bradley Cooper? OMG.”

Meanwhile, another one said hey to the alleged Bradley:

“Oh hey Bradley!”

Bradley and Irina’s relationship history

Irina and Bradley started dating in 2015, and they welcomed their daughter Lea in 2017. Unfortunately, while the two are devoted parents to their daughter, they could not make it work as a couple. They parted ways in 2019.

Another reason why fans think that Irina was with Bradley this year’s Halloween is the fact that both of them wore the same outfits in 2017 when they took Lea out for Trick-or-Treating! Perhaps they wanted to go with Lea again this year.

There were also reports of Bradley Cooper seen in New York City where he was making the spooky preparations for Halloween!

We’re not sure if this means we have another Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck story on our hands. Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk may just be mature co-parents who are committed to having a healthy relationship for their daughter Lea.

When they broke up, a source told E News how they’ve made a good co-parenting system:

“They have a good system in place for Lea and they take turns with her. And they also come together as a family and do things when they can. They communicate a lot and are good friends for now. And they both love their daughter more than anything and they come together for her.”

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