Austin McBroom sued for $200,000 for almost causing a riot

It seems that the troubles of Austin McBroom are going away any time soon. Recently, the ACE Family YouTuber was sued for $200,000 by the City of Beverly Hills. According to reports, he led a parade for his fans. However, the reports say that it was unsanctioned. Previously, ACE Family faced multiple lawsuits and court cases. It was also reported that they have lost their house and it is put up for auction.

Few months back, Austin McBroom organized a Battle of Platforms boxing event.

While it could have been a one-of-a-kind event, things went wrong from the beginning. During the press conference, Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall broke into a fight. However, the security intervened and it stopped. According to McBroom, he expected a 2.2 million paying audience for the boxing event. However, it did not even come close to that number. At the same time, Social Gloves, a company owned by Austin McBroom, did not pay any of the participants. Therefore, fellow social media stars and LiveXLive sued him for almost $100 million. While this was still underway, the McBroom family faced another setback.

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Few weeks back, the auction of ACE Family house was reported.

After Austin McBroom and his family could not pay the debts and settle the lawsuits, the court ordered them to take away their home. Although the couple kept denying the rumors, the news turned out to be true. In an Instagram story, Catherine McBroom claimed:

“I think people forget that we built our house… and that we are in a pandemic. Most cities are closed and unable to get permits etc not everything in the world has to do with money. To see people make fun of the idea of loosing a home is sick. Wish people well!”

According to reports, the house was put up for auction for $9 million. However, there were only two potential buyers. In the end, no one actually bought the house and it went to the bank.

Recently, Austin McBroom was sued by City of Beverly Hills

Although the said incident happened in May, the City of Beverly Hills is taking action against Austin McBroom. Along with the marketing executive, Sheeran Hassan, ACE Family YouTuber organized a parade for his fans. In order to have an open space for his fans, Austin McBroom closed the Rodeo Drive. Therefore, the City of Beverly Hills is suing him for $200,000. According to them, he threatened public safety and damaged the resources. At the same time, Austin McBroom did not request any permit and it is termed as an ‘unruly gathering’.

So far, no member of the ACE Family has commented on the matter. This is another setback for the family and might be the last straw for them to be over.

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