Keemstar announces retirement from YouTube in what seems like an attention grab

If there is anything Keemstar is best at, it’s grabbing attention. In the latest news, the YouTuber has announced his retirement from the platform. Despite his announcement, many are speculating that it is another way of getting attention. The past few months have been difficult for him as people called him out on multiple occasions. From Ethan Klein to Defnoodles, he has also made many enemies. Recently, he tried to expose the obsession his haters have with him with a TikTok video. However, it backfired and people trolled him.

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According to Klein and Defnoodles, Keemstar has made attacks on their businesses

While Ethan Klein and Keemstar have a long-lasting conflict, Defnoodles have also accused him of reporting his accounts. In the past, Klein claimed that Drama Alert host reported his channel to YouTube. Therefore, his channel got suspended for a week and several videos were removed. Similarly, Defnoodles have also made similar accusations. According to Fietosa, who hosts Defnoodles, Keemstar uses his contacts in YouTube to report other YouTubers. In response to his complaints, Twitter banned Defnoodles permanently. He also went on a rant about it on Instagram. However, the YouTuber denies the accusations and defends himself.

Despite him claiming to be innocent, his career has had many controversies

As we all know that Keemstar has the ability to attract controversies and drama. According to reports, he started his career by berating, bullying, and mocking other players while playing Halo 3 in a group called Federation of A**hole Gamers. At the same time, his content is popular for everything problematic. In the past, Ethan Klein exposed Keemstar for making content full of sexism and racism. Similarly, he has made jokes about SA and pedophilia.

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Recently, Keemstar announced his retirement from YouTube


In a video that he posted on Twitter, Keemstar made the announcement of his retirement. While talking about it, he said:

Look I know a lot of people think I am trolling, a lot of people think it’s just bait that I am retiring. But I am retiring. I know I’ve said it million times that I am never leaving the internet and never retiring. But I really am retiring. I’m going to give out a statement and will talk about it on Drama Alert. You know things need to be explained, right. Why I’m leaving, what’s going to happen to the future of Drama Alert, what I’m going to do in retirement, all of that.

Furthermore, Keemstar laughed and said:

I know some people are really happy and excited to see my a** go. Congrats to you. And I know some will be sad, you know. 13 years, January next year is going to be 14 years. It’s been a long time. I started my YouTube career when I was 27, you know, late to the game. Yeah, its gonna be a tough one. We’ll get through it.

Despite that, people still believe this news is just for getting attention. Whether Keemstar will actually retire or not, only time will tell.

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