Tana Mongeau Brutally Drags Hater on Twitter

It is no secret that Tana Mongeau is a controversial personality. Despite having a huge fan following, she cannot seem to stay away from trouble. Due to her extreme straightforwardness, many people criticize and bash her constantly. In a similar situation, one of her Twitter followers made a snarky comment about the Cancelled host. This promoted Mongeau to clap back with a really scornful reply. After that, a debate started in the comment section. While some favored the YouTubers, others criticized her some more.

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From revealing intimate details to sharing life stories, Tana Mongeau does not know how to hold back

Since her StoryTime days, she has always been like an open book. Five years back, Tana Mongeau posted the controversial video titled, I got banged with a toothbrush. Since then, her videos and social media presence has become even spicier. When it comes to her relationships, Tana Mongeau makes sure to keep the public as well. Her fake marriage to Jake Paul is still fresh in our minds. At the same time, the biggest scandal of her career came in the shape of TanaCon. According to reports, people had to stand outside for hours without any food or water. Similarly, the event was a huge failure and was not even close to what they advertised. This led to a huge backlash from her fans and they expressed their disappointment on social media. In the latest episode of the Cancelled podcast, she confessed to shoplifting at grocery stores as a teenager.

Recently, Tana Mongeau and one of her Twitter follower had a scathing exchange


As we all know that social media personalities have to deal with a lot of criticism and hate. Similarly, Tana is no stranger to receiving backlash. In a similar situation, one Twitter user posted a tweet, taking a jab at Mongeau. She wrote:

tana mongeau aggravates my soul. I’m blocking her on tiktok

In response to that, Mongeau commented on the lashes of the Twitter user which were visible in their profile picture. The podcast host wrote:

ok gina just letting u know u can see the difference of ur real lash and fake one in ur profile picture next time just pinch the edges together and apply some mascara to ur real lashes

A short while after Tana Mongeau’s response, the Twitter user changed their profile picture and made their account private.

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After her tweet went viral, people chimed in with their views on the matter

While some stood in favor of Tana Mongeau, others demanded justice for her follower. Each side came forward with their own views and tweeted their responses. According to one Twitter user, Tana Mongeau should not be bothered by random people.


Meanwhile, another commented on how many filters Mongeau herself uses.

Few Twitter users reminded people that Tana is just responding to the follower’s energy.


So, this was a new update in the chaotic world of Tana. A new day will bring new controversy. Just you wait!

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