Netflix edits ‘Squid Game’ phone number scene as the woman was receiving endless prank calls

There are few shows in the history of Netflix that have caused as much uproar and pandemonium as ‘Squid Game’. The K-drama has pretty much dominated all the views of the streaming platform and is on its way to becoming the most-watched show in the history of Netflix. However, it also means that each scene will be scrutinized by millions upon millions. And that is what happened to one particular scene of Squid Game that featured a phone number. That resulted in the owner of that number getting endless prank calls. But now, Netflix has finally brought an important fix for that Squid Game phone number scene.

Squid Game focuses on hundreds of people who were desperate for money. As a result, they were invited to participate in seemingly innocuous childish games for reward money of $38.31 million. But, there’s just one small problem – if you lose, you die.

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A South Korean woman is going through hell because of one phone number scene in Squid Game

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In one of the scenes, we see the protagonist Gi-Hun flashing his games invitation card. On the back of that card, there’s an eight-digit number that is clearly visible. And that number belongs to South Korean national Kim Gil-young. Sadly, with hundreds of millions watching that Squid Game phone number scene, her phone number has been flooded with prank calls and text messages. So much so that she talked to SBS News, a local South Korean news outlet, and told them of her predicament since Squid Game began. She said:

I’ve been unceasingly getting calls and texts 24/7 to the point where my daily life has become difficult.

Kim is a dessert shop owner and has had this number for around 10 years. But, she received some really disturbing calls, including people calling and cursing at her, ever since that Squid Game phone number scene aired. Whereas, some have even called or texted her, asking if they could participate in Squid Game. A text read:

I’m trying to participate in Squid Game, is it possible?

To such texts, Kim would simply respond that she just sells “handmade sugar-free sweet bean jellies” and has no correlation with Squid Game. Sadly, it was impossible for Kim to change her number because all her clients have been contacting her through that number for the past 10 years. And at this time, she can’t tell the difference between a legitimate call from a prank call, saying she has had to delete upward of 4000 numbers.

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Netflix has finally taken action

However, Netflix did not evade any sort of responsibility and quickly acted on that Squid Game phone number scene. In a statement on Wednesday, the streaming platform said:

Together with the production company, we are working to resolve this matter, including editing scenes with phone numbers where necessary.

Moreover, Netflix also urged Squid Game fans to refrain from these prank calls. And as far as the Squid Game phone number scene is concerned, they’ll probably censor or blur the numbers. But, it just goes to show how careful creators have to be. After all, if your show becomes an all-time great on Netflix, it could spell trouble for anyone whose number showed up accidentally in one of the scenes.

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