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Amber Heard And Elon Musk | What Really Happened?

Aquaman actress, Amber Heard, and her ex-husband Johnny Depp are involved in a series of long court trials. Johnny Depp has filed a defamation case against his ex-wife, Amber. The Aquaman actress wrote an article in the Washington Post regarding abuse from men. The name of the article is ‘I spoke up against sexual violence-and faced our culture’s wrath-That has to change’. Although Amber did not mention Depp’s name everyone knew who she was referring to. According to Depp, the article ruined his career, especially at the height of the MeToo Movement. He has denied all the allegations of his ex-wife and has filed a case against Heard for dollar 50 million. Additionally, Heard has also sued Johnny for dollar hundred million. Currently, trials are going around in the courts of Virginia where shocking details of their relationship have come out. Amidst all this, a new segment of Elon Musk’s relationship with Heard has come to the light as well.

Amber Heard and Elon Musk’s relationship

Amber Heard and Musk met at the set of the 2013 movie ‘Machete Kills’ by Robert Rodriguez. Heard starred in this movie and Musk made a cameo. Back then, sources stated that they both were nothing but friends. Fast forward to 2016, Heard divorce from Depp and Musk’s divorce from Talulah Riley were finalized. After this, the romance rumors sparked between the two. In April 2017, Heard posted a photo with Musk with a lipstick stain on his cheek. In 2017, the couple broke up. Musk confirmed this by stating:

Btw, just to clear up some of the press storms this weekend, although Amber and I did break up, we are still friends, remain close and love one another.

This was the couple’s first breakup. Additionally, they did reconcile at the end of 2017. They were spotted spending a holiday in Easter Land. In February 2018, they officially separated.

How is Musk connected to Johnny Depp’s case?

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor has revealed that Amber Heard cheated on him with Elon Musk. Furthermore, he claimed that Heard, Musk, and model Cara Delevingne had a threesome while he filmed a movie in Australia. Elon Musk has denied these claims to Page Six:

Cara and I are friends, but we’ve never been intimate. She would confirm this…Also, I wish to confirm again that Amber and I only started going out about a month after her divorce filing. I don’t think I was ever even in the vicinity of Amber during their marriage!

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