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Amanda Bynes is Obsessed With Italian Fashion Label Off-White

Amanda Bynes is Obsessed With Italian Fashion Label Off-White

Almost everyone knows about She’s the Man actress’s obsession with alcohol, drugs, tattoos, and puzzling relationship but hardly anyone knows about her’s for clothing brands. According to Amanda Bynes Instagram, the mom-to-be is in love with Italian luxury fashion label Off-White. However, she is not the only one. Celebrities like Rihanna, Travis Scott and Beyonce have been seen wearing this Italian clothing brand Off-White as well.

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Normally, whatever former Nickelodeon star does or shares on her social media becomes a piece of news. Especially, since she disappeared amid her treatment for mental health issues and alcohol & drug abuse. Amanda Bynes Instagram is like a window to her now quite low profile life.

Besides her fondness for tattoos and relationship with boyfriend Paul Michael, Amanda’s Instagram account also gives a glimpse into her fashion preferences. The 33-year-old is obsessed with Virgil Abloh’s Italian fashion label.

In particular the combination of sporty blue Tag Strap PVC Pump Heels with matching Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh socks. I’m not sure if it’s her picture but her love for this particular combination is obvious.

@off____white omg! obsessed with this look!

Celebrities Who Endorsed Off-White

She is not the only celebrity who has this clothing line in the wardrobe. Big names like Jay Z, Drake and some others too have endorsed this luxury Italian clothing line.

Rihanna was seen rocking the Off-White clothing brand’s casual women’s line as she headed to the studio in July 2014.

Rapper and producer Drake wore it too during “Would You Like a Tour” show in Paris, France.

In April 2014 American singer Travis Scott performed live while wearing a yellow upper by Off-White.

The same year, Beyonce and Jay Z were seen wearing the same camouflage jacket by Virgil Abloh’s luxury clothing brand, Off-White.

Looks like the Italian designs by American designer are a hit. The 10 million followers coupled with celebrity endorsements are proof of it.