Alx James claps back at Gabbie Hanna, alliance set with Trisha Paytas

Well, this escalated unexpectedly. Gabbie Hanna came out with a video, (no, not the EP), addressing all her feuds with Jessi Smiles, Trisha Paytas and Alx James. While she was at it, she shared her side of the story, her receipts and her POV. Moreover, Gabbie also addressed the racism allegation she is facing when one of her old tweets on Beyonce resurfaced. Jessi Smiles responded to the Gabbie video is a single statement. However, seems like Alx James is going to make a video on it. And this time, he has the alliance of Trisha Paytas. Are they both “ganging up” on Gabbie Hanna? Let’s find out.

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Alx James calls out Gabbie Hanna

If you have seen the whole video, or read about it online, you would have seen Gabbie Hanna sharing screenshots of her messages to Alx James. The person on the receiving side of Gabbie’s messages said he was not “Alx”. And Gabbie believed it must be Alx trying to stay away from “strangers” since Gabbie was texting him from her new number. Moreover, at the end of Alx James discussion, Gabbie did ask Alx to contact her.

And seems like Alx is up for it. After the video was released, and Alx saw that Gabbie did message someone, he decided to clear the air.

He then shared another screen:

Whoever is on the other side, is still pretending to be Gabbie and asking for some time.

Alx James is not happy with the responses he got “after” Gabbie clearly mentioned this in her video that her doors are open to all. Anyone can contact her. Even if Alx has a wrong number, since she changed hers, she can still send a DM and share her new number. Or, well, Alx can do the same as well. However, he is “tagging” her on Twitter to get her to talk.

Trisha Paytas is hurt as well

It’s not just Alx James who got hurt after Gabbie Hanna’s unexpected video. Apparently, Trisha Paytas is equally hurt by the things Gabbie said in her defense. And she is bonding with Alx James over the things Gabbie said about both of them.

The tweet Trisha Paytas originally responded to, is deleted unfortunately. And fans have a theory for that:

When there is Trisha Paytas in your feed, Keemstar joins the party as well.

Gabbie Hanna has been retweeting everything related to her Bad Karma EP lately. Has she looked over what Alx James & Trisha Paytas are talking about on Twitter?

We will find soon enough.

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