Alx James calls out Gabbie Hanna for “overdramatizing” everything

Its been an year since Gabbie Hanna’s ex-best friend, Alx James, “exposed” her. Back then, Alx called out Gabbie to kill her “inner monster”. he wanted her to seek medical help, start a therapy and realize what she had been allegedly doing to all the people in her life. Alx believed that Gabbie used him for her own benefits as a calculated move. And when she got the fame she wanted, she allegedly parted ways with her friends. And not in a good way. Now, after almost an year, Alx James has again called out Gabbie for “overdramatizing” everything.

Alx James only knew The Gabbie Show

Referring to her original show, The Gabbie Show, Alx James confirmed in his new vlog that he only knows the Gabbie Hanna from that show. He does not know the person she has become now. It’s still unclear what made Alx respond to an old video by Gabbie. However, he is here now and he is addressing it all, again.

Alx said Gabbie has a thing to blow out issues out of proportion.

This girl said I faked an anxiety attack, watched you having an anxiety attack, did nothing about it. This just gives me chills.

Including clips from Gabbie Hanna’s video from May 14, 2020, Alx clarified things from his side. In her video, Gabbie said that she was having anxiety during their haunted trip (Haunted Hotel at Miami) and she believed that she was actually being haunted by something supernatural. Here are some of the screenshots Gabbie shared of her conversation with Alx, years after the incident, cause she wanted to know if it was him or was the hotel really haunted.

Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna/YouTube
Alx James
Gabbie Hanna/YouTube

More screenshots are available in Gabbie Hanna’s video.

Gabbie Hanna/YouTube

In his response, Alx James has confirmed that his room was nowhere near Gabbie Hanna’s room. In fact, he said that Gabbie started the whole “haunted” drama herself. Her claim of draining the tub, then later finding it filled with jets running was not taken by Alx as a “haunted” incident. Alx James believed it to be fake and fabricated by Gabbie herself.

Joining Gabbie Hanna & going with the flow

Alx James said that Gabbie Hanna was filming everything for her Snapchat. She was “pretending” to panic and he decided to go with the flow. Alx confessed that as content writers, you match the energy of another content creator who is filming it as well.

He further accused Gabbie Hanna of staying calm while she was uploading all of these recorded videos of her panicking. However, Alx James also mentioned that it is hard to believe his statement since it was happening behind the camera.

Alx James confirmed that he would have never done anything of the sorts if he knew that Gabbie Hanna was not faking it. He said Gabbie was so normal behind the camera that he thought she was all okay with it.

Alx James & Wrong Number

Alx James said that Gabbie Hanna took his messages out of the context. The screenshots she showed were at a time when she was hanging out with Shane Dawson and she was not into “small creators” like Alx. When Gabbie contacted him after years to confirm whether it was him or not, Alx said she should’ve known it was him.

She was also contacting at a wrong number later and she included the screenshots of that as well. What she did not elaborate was her prank she pulled on Alx James, and did not post it because she believed she took it too far.

That prank was related to the time when Alx James’ Vine account was hacked at a time when he was about to sign a $50000 deal. At that time, Gabbie offered her number for two-factor verification. Which she claimed in her video as “using all of her resources”. Three years later, she prank called Alx James pretending to be the hacker.

Alx James is queer, and the prank caller’s claim of knowing everything. The prank caller, Gabbie Hanna, allegedly asked Alx James to accept that he is a bad man. Otherwise, she’d share everything hacked from Alx’s computer and share it on Twitter. The prankster also claimed of watching Alx James through webcam. Alx pointed out that Gabbie claimed to have a stalker and how threatened she felt. But she was using the same stalking skill to prank Alx.


Alx James continued to talk about all the dark mess Gabbie Hanna put him through. She was not alone when she pulled the prank calling stunt. She “humiliated” Alx James in front of an audience and Alx is not okay with it. That’s not all he is not okay with. Alx James also called out Gabbie Hanna for not addressing Jen Dent and her receipts. Jen Dent is a friend of Jessi Smiles and she has been calling out Gabbie.

Gabbie only addressed her beef with Alx, Jessi Smiles, Trisha Paytas and Beyonce. But she never addressed Jen Dent. In Fact, Alx said that Gabbie also lied about her therapy reason. She claimed she had a mental breakdown and went to therapy. Alx said in his video, that the reason Gabbie told him for going to therapy was:

You said the reason you were in therapy, was that you hated Liza Koshy. And you didn’t wanna hate her success anymore.

Gabbie Hanna has not responded to Alx James video yet.

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