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All you need to know about Gabbie Hanna’s upcoming EP

Gabbie Hanna has a new EP coming out. An EP is an extended play. It is usually more than one song but, not enough songs to be an Album. Gabbie Hanna is a YouTuber, author, and musician. She started off as The Gabbie Show a few years ago on Vine. Gradually rising to fame, she overcame her mental health issues to become who she is today. A proud musician. Recently she talked about her imposter syndrome that acts up every time she is about to release new music. She is still trying to get used to being a singer. Recently on her Instagram stories, she answers a couple of questions from her fans.

Gabbie Hanna New EP – All you need to know.

How Many Tracks will her New EP have?

TheGabbieShow EP tracks

Gabbie Hanna says she will have 5 songs on the EP. The YouTuber seems very excited about the release.

Will there be Merch to go with the EP?

Gabbie Hanna Merch to go with EP

Gabbie has never really put out exclusive merch with her music before. So, it is not surprising that it is still no. Gabbie Hanna has got her work cut out for her with her book also in the making. So she says, how about a book to go with the album. Her book is expected to be out soon after the EP.

Will the album be focused on one person or will it be about different people and situations?

what the new EP is about

If history is any indication, Gabbie Hanna usually always has a story behind her songs. Be it feelings about an ex or just self crippling emotions, there is always a motive. About this EP, Gabbie Hanna says the motive is up to the listener’s perspective.

What are the names of the songs on the EP?

Name of New EP Gabbie

So, fans all over the world are excited about the new album. However, Gabbie is being pretty secretive about it. So far, we don’t have much to go on with. But, as a fan asks Hanna about one song name, she says it is the same as the EP name. Well, we do not even know the name of that. So, not very helpful, Gabbie.

What is Gabbie Hanna’s favorite lyric from the album?

Gabbie Hanna EP Favorite Lyric

“You have a Hunger for disaster but you’ll never get your fill.”

Well, that is dark Gabbie. But, we know that is just the way Gabbie Hanna goes. We cannot wait to hear what goes with this lyric!

What is the EP about?

Gabbie EP Karma Lies Betrayal

As Gabbie Hanna puts it, this album will be a mix of emotions. Betrayal, lies, karma, and strength. We can see these 4 emotions forming together. It will be exciting to hear how she puts them.


That’s right!

Gabbie will have love song on EP

We feel her boyfriend, Payton Saxon has a lot to do with this one. That will be odd, though. Hearing Gabbie Hanna sing a love song.

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