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All Gabbie Hanna Drama that led to her Social Media Hiatus

The month of June was not exactly smooth for YouTuber and Singer, Gabbie Hanna with all the drama that blew up online. So, while it may be hard to keep track of everything that was happening daily, we’ll list it out for you to make it easier! Nearing the end of May, Gabbie’s fans had started the ‘#iStandWithGabbie‘ trend on Twitter. This came after her initial 6 months late response video to Jessi Smiles, Alx James, and others. She had addressed all the drama that was there and was getting backlash from the creators. Anyway, in June, Gabbie released her Special Music Video.

Gabbie Hanna’s Special Music Video releases – YouTube ‘Shadowbans’ her.

So, Gabbie Hanna thought that her Music Video for her Bad Karma track, ‘Special‘, was not getting the response she wanted, this was the start of her month of drama. Then, the already low view count started getting lower as fans’ likes and views were being removed. The entire situation infuriated Gabbie as she took to her second YouTube channel and Twitter to call them out. Her live videos were stressed out and emotional. Then she put it out that she talked to YouTube and was working it out with them.

YouTube was holding back Gabbie’s Charity funds?

The above-mentioned stuff was not all of Gabbie Hanna’s drama with YouTube. The very next day that she alleged them for Shadowbanning her, she revealed that for 6 months, YouTube did not release funds she raised for a charity. The entire situation, according to her, was because of Jessi Smiles and her calling Gabbie a ‘rape apologist’. Since YouTube does not promote channels associated with such acts, she said only her hate videos were promoted and she was being put down.

Gabbie Hanna Has Drama With Dustin Dailey.

So, in her Twitter rants where she is finally standing up for herself, Gabbie Hanna calls out all the drama channels. Dustin Dailey, a YouTuber with a significantly small following gets called out. Their entire feud story is available for you to read but in the end game, Dustin Dailey blocks her.

Gabbie gets trolled for adding her comment in a bonding moment between Nicki Minaj and Lil Nas X.

Well, this one was just mostly funny. Gabbie added her comment on how the internet forces people to hide their true feelings. You know, with the whole Lil Nas X embracing that he was indeed a Nicki Minaj fan.

Gabbie Hanna has a Twitter Feud with Jessi Smiles.

And after a while, we get back to where it all started. Gabbie Hanna and her Drama with Jessi Smiles. Jessi Smiles, who never shies away from posting receipts, catches up to Gabbie Hanna and her constant mention of her in her videos and rants. They have quite an extensive talk on Twitter after which, Jessi also resorts to ignore her. However, she does say she will post an extensive video on the whole situation which we are still waiting on.

Gabbie Hanna ‘Exposes’ Helloleesh – Backfires.

So in one of her recent live streams, Gabbie was talking about this channel that ‘posts about her in a bad light’ and does not name her. She was talking about her and supposedly exposing her on her live stream with messages, that Gabbie did not actually show. However, Helloleesh and Gabbie Hanna are not exactly two for connecting as they have different fanbases and this HUGE sub gap. So, what happened to start this drama was, Gabbie Hanna took to her Twitter during her MANY twitter wars, and Alicia Paige called her out in response to a tweet.

Gabbie Hanna reveals she is a Rape Victim.

Okay, this was probably the most shocking revelation in the whole mess of situations. Gabbie Hanna, in all her career and drama, has never brought anything like this up. So, this was a total surprise and she has yet to disclose any details of the event. Fans stand with her in her pain.

Trisha Paytas calls out Gabbie Hanna to go get help!

With everything Gabbie was doing in the weeks of June, she called out a lot of the people who had said things about her before. We know that there is no love lost between her and Trisha Paytas. And if there is Gabbie Hanna drama, Trisha Paytas almost always has her say in the whole thing. Trisha Paytas found her recent attempts at getting attention absurd as she asks Gabbie to get help!

And then, Gabbie Hanna Disappears from Social Media!

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