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Alissa Violet Shades Her Ex-Boyfriend FaZe Banks for sleeping with Chantel Jeffries?

Uhh well!! We are here once again to give you guys a little scoop on Alissa Violet, her ex-boyfriend FaZe Banks, and former friend Chantel Jeffries. This news struck as a shock to a lot of fans. Because Alissa and FaZe were happily in a relationship for two years. But then things went down the hill and the two split up in July 2019. At first, Alissa stayed quiet and didn’t talk about the whole breakup thing for almost six months. But later, she posted a tweet in which she explained how she found out that FaZe was cheating on her. When one of her followers asked her how did she know if she was being cheated on?

“I was asleep upstairs with our dogs and he wasn’t next to me. So I checked our guest house and caught him nak*d in bed with a random girl.”

FaZe, on the other hand, knew how to respond back to Alissa’s accusations. He posted a tweet, in which he said “I love you”, but he didn’t tag her. Their banter continued until FaZe posted an official apology post. What happened after that, we will tell you in a bit.

There were also some rumors about Alissa and FaZe’s patch-up last year in March.

Alissa Violet is suing FaZe Banks

We won’t go into the details of this suing contest because it would be really hard for all of us to catch up with it. But for the starters, Alissa is suing FaZe Banks because according to her, he owes her some shares in an esports organization. FaZe asked Alissa to transfer her shares of a social media entertainment company named Clout Gang to Hubrick Limited.

According to some sources, Hubrick partnered up with FaZe Clan to help in the development of both of Alissa’s and their businesses. In return, Alissa got some stock in Hubrick Limited. But then a couple of weeks later, Faze Clan, Alissa, and her social media entertainment company sued Hubrick. Which in return countersued Alissa and company.

Some sources also explained that Alissa was set to have some of the FaZe Clan stock according to a verbal agreement between FaZe and Hubrick Limited. But later, she didn’t get any stock as she was promised. Well!! I am gonna take a year-long break to filter out my thoughts on this matter. Because it’s really confusing.

Alissa Violet shades ex-boyfriend FaZe Clan and Chantel Jeffries?

Now as per a lot of rumors, things were settled down between Alissa and FaZe. However, they are not on talking terms since their breakup. But recently Alissa posted a TikTok, which according to some social media news reporters is pointing fingers towards one of her ex-boyfriends and her former friend.

Yes, guys, a lot of people are speculating that Alissa is pointing fingers at her ex-boyfriend FaZe Banks, and her former friend Chantel Jeffries. Now we all know the reason behind Alissa’s breakup with FaZe. But we really don’t know the actual reason behind her and Chantel Jeffries not being friends anymore.

But here is a screenshot from Alissa’s TikTok video with an added text:

When you hear their version of why you aren’t friends anymore.”

Who is Alissa Violet shading

Alissa also added a caption in the video in which she was pointing towards the said person, to tell the truth. After which a lot of fans started speculating in the comments section that she is definitely talking about FaZe and Chantel. What do you guys think about Alissa’s TikTok video? Do you think she is pointing fingers towards her ex-boyfriend and former friend? Or is she talking about someone else? Please, let us know in the comments.

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