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Alissa Violet Says Jake Paul Cheated on Her With Erika Costell through their entire relationship

There are a very few people who still don’t know about Alissa Violet. She was once a part of Jake Paul’s Team 10. And not just that, she also have some really serious and messy history with Jake Paul. It all started when Alissa moved in Jake’s house in 2015 and joined the Team 10 after her graduation. She even signed a five years contract. Everything seemed fine in the beginning and people used to gush over her on-screen chemistry with Jake Paul.

But then things went down the hill when Alissa posted a bunch of photos on her Snapchat. In which all of her belongings were packed. She further claimed that Jake asked her to leave the house all of a sudden and she had no where to go. Then begin a back and forth Twitter spat between the two, in which they blamed each other. According to Jake, Alissa cheated on her and broke his heart. And according to Alissa, Jake used to sleep with a different girl every night when they were in a relationship. These two even made diss tracks on each other. Anyways, long story short, Alissa moved on and started dating FaZe Banks. And Jake Paul moved onto dating Erika Costell. But that too is history because now they are dating totally different people (once again).

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Alissa Violet recently appeared in the BFFs posted in which she was asked about Jake Paul.

So we all know that Jake Paul is dating adult super star Julia Rose. And Alissa, on the other hand, is not ready to mingle with anybody. She recently appeared in the BFFs podcast, in which she was asked about Jake Paul, Erika Costell, Chantel Jeffries and FaZe Banks. Let’s see how the hosts made her spill some beans on these celebrities.

“Josh: So did your friends want to like beat Jake’s a– after like cheating scandal went down or like what happened there.”

Alissa shares that her friends didn’t like Jake since the beginning. And she should have taken it as a hint.

“Of course yeah, no. Jake would come over the house. He has been in my house like two times in Ohio like back in the day and no one liked him like that. So that should have been a red flag.”

Then Dave Portnoy asks Alissa if she is still in contact with Jake or not?

“Dave: When was the last time when you talked to him?

Alissa: I have had him blocked for years. Yeah, I am like friends with Logan He is fine. I just, I don’t know, that kid is so problematic. I am like I don’t even want to deal with it.”

Then for a change, the hosts had a game session “Flop or Not”, in which they show photos of different celebrities and take the guest’ opinion on them. They showed photo of the Martinez Twins to Alissa, and she loved them. Then they show a picture of Erika Costell to Alissa and she says she doesn’t know the girl in the picture.

Once again Dave couldn’t resist pushing his guest to spill some tea or coffee beans. He then asks Alissa how is it even possible not to know people you have lived with for such a long time? Then Josh hops on the bandwagon and asks Alissa how she doesn’t know Erika Costell? And if she doesn’t like her.

“Alissa: She was Jake’s assistant and it turned out they are banging the whole time. She was my best friend and I was like yeah, you are gross. But it’s been like five years so I am like f-ck it, whatever.”

So that time when Alissa was a part of the OG Team 10, her best friend Erika was Jake Paul’s assistant. And she was also going behind Alissa’s back the whole time and having s-x with Jake. which is kind of really hurtful, right? And we totally respect Alissa’s decision for not wanting to stay in touch with either of them.

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