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Alissa Violet Clears Rumors About Chantel Jeffries and Ex-Boyfriend FaZe Banks

Oh well!! We all know that Alissa Violet was once close friends with Chantel Jeffries and the man behind the Faze Clan, FaZe Banks. Alissa Violet also dated Faze for almost two years and made some very beautiful memories with him. They parted ways back in July 2019. In the beginning, Alissa kept her silence on this whole matter. Then a couple of months later, she posted a tweet and revealed how FaZe Banks cheated on her and broke her heart. This news gave a shock to a lot of people. But FaZe seemed really unfazed by Alissa’s tweet. In which, she claimed that she caught FaZe nak-d in bed with a random chick. Then FaZe Banks indirectly posted an “I love you” tweet. Then, began a series of back and forth indirect tweets between these two. And it all stopped when FaZe finally apologized to Alissa.

According to some rumors, last year, Alissa Violet and FaZe Banks got back together for a little while. And then we didn’t hear anything about them for a very long time. But then one day we hear Alissa Violet posted a TikTok in which she indirectly shades someone. And the added text in the video is something like this “when you hear their story of why you aren’t friends anymore“. Alissa further asked the said person to come clean about something and tell the truth. And every single person started assuming in the comments section that she is definitely talking about her former best friend Chantel Jeffries and ex-boyfriend FaZe Banks.

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Alissa Violet talks about former friend Chantel Jeffries and ex-boyfriend FaZe Banks in the BFFs Podcast

So, Alissa recently appeared in the BFFs podcast which is hosted by Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna LaPaglia. And when Dave tells Alissa that he has some notes in his hands in which it’s clearly written that she (Alissa) and Chantel Jeffries have been following and unfollowing each other on social media. To which, Alissa replies with something like this:

“Chantel and I just had our little moment like whatever. Umm, it had nothing to do with Ricky or FaZe or anything, no.”

And then Brianna tries to help Alissa and says so it’s more like a falling out between two good friends. To which Alissa replies with a ‘Yes, it happens’. Guess we all have at least one friend like this in our lives, right? Then Dave Portnoy just couldn’t resist asking this question if there is some guy involved behind this falling out or not.

“Alissa: I wish her the best.

Dave: That’s a yes.

Josh: That’s a yes 100%.”

Guys, let the girl speak. I mean you’re forcing answers out of her and that’s not nice.

“Alissa: You know some people like in the industry, especially, it gets a little crazy. And it’s just that you outgrow people and you outgrow friendships, yes.”

Umm!! Though Alissa hasn’t said this in clear words. But what Josh and Dave are saying might be true. And there is a possibility that Alissa and Chantel stopped talking because Chantel started seeing FaZe. That too after knowing the fact that he cheated on Alissa while they were in a serious relationship.

Let’s see if Alissa and Chantel manage to become friends again!

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