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Alison Brie Goes Blonde This Spring

The popular actress Alison Brie has died her hair blonde but for a special reason her husband asked her to, and is completing rocking the new look.

The popular actress Alison Brie just went for a blonde look this Spring. But looks like she is not the only one doing this. A lot many celebrities including Bella Hadid, Rachel Brosnahan, Lea Michele and Jenifer Hewitt switched to different shades of blonde this season.

But Brie is not doing it just for the sake of fashion despite the look really suiting her. Instead, she did this on a particular demand from her husband Dave Franco. So, fans should start bottling up their excitement for a great surprise is coming their way very soon.

Alison Brie Dyes Hair Blonde For Upcoming Film ‘The Rental’ by Dave Franco

Alison Brie took to Instagram to share her new look with the world. The actress went straight from chocolate brown to blonde hair, and is completely slaying it. But looks like she did it less out of personal choice than to fulfill her husband’s wish.

Apparently, Dave Franco is making his directorial debut with a new film ‘The Rental’ and since Alison is starring in it, he wanted her to dye her hair blonde for the movie look.

Brie explained her husband’s wish in the caption adding that you don’t say no when he wants you to do it for a role. The movie revolves around  around two couples who rent a vacation home. But just like any good plot, everything starts to go wrong.

Looks like Alison is really honoring her husband with the hair switch. This is the biggest change we have seen on the actress who has carried brunette hair for her entire career. In fact, she even went with highlights rarely.

Alison Brie is an American actress. Brie is best known for her starring role as Annie Edison in the comedy series Community and Trudy Campbell in the period drama series Mad Men. Currently, she is playing Ruth on the Netflix show GLOW.