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Alexa and Katie Season 3 Was Heartwarming

Alexa and Katie Season 3 Was Heartwarming

Alexa and Katie, a teen show about two best friends seem like a cliche sitcom but it is anything but that. It’s actually about a teen, Alexa (Paris Berelc) that survived cancer through the support of her family and best friend Katie (Isabel May). Alexa and Katie season 3 just premiered and it followed the heartfelt themes it had in season 1.

A new love interest for Alexa

Though, the showrunners did add another twist to the story. Alexa meets a guy, Spencer, and they quickly hit it off. Unfortunately, Spencer (played by Gunner Burkhardt), finds out that he has cancer. We see Alexa having to relive her past cancer journey while she is there to support Spencer. This becomes an adorable relationship gradually while we get to know Spencer more and more in each episode.

The audience also gets to find out that Alexa is attending regular therapy sessions. In fact, the first episode starts us off in a therapy session for Alexa and Katie who got into a fight on their first day as juniors in high school.

Katie struggles to juggle work and school

Meanwhile, Katie is struggling on her own to juggle a job, high school theatre, SAT classes and regular school work. Along with being a junior at school, Katie has it tough because she needs a scholarship if she wants to attend college. It’s going to be incredibly difficult whilst dealing with all of her other responsibilities.

We see her breaking point when on the day of the SAT test, she goes through a panic attack. However, Alexa is there to support Katie and help her during her difficult time.

Every step of the way, the two friends are always there for each other. When Katie is stressing about not having enough co-curricular activities, Alexa signs them up for a community theatre competition.

As for the love life, she and Ryan are no longer together. But it’s okay because they both didn’t have any feelings for each other anymore.

Lucas Isn’t becoming a doctor

We find out that Alexa’s brother Lucas (Emery Kelly) wants to be a doctor since his own sister overcome cancer. He is adamant and even puts in the hard work that’s needed. But ultimately, his parents get him to open up and everyone realizes that maybe becoming a doctor isn’t the best thing for him. Now, Lucas doesn’t aim to get to med school but he’s still in college! Though, he isn’t in a college dorm. Yep, he’s living back with his parents.

Lori changes careers

Alexa and Katie aren’t the only ones with a lot going on in their lives. Their moms are having adventures of their own. Lori Mendoza (Tiffani Thiessen) is the perfect overcaring mom. After all, she had to deal with her kid dealing with cancer so it’s natural.

In this season, her focus does shift to Lucas when he’s still deciding his college major. But she also realizes she is getting increasingly bored in her current job. Though, she realizes her passion for event planning in this season. Taking on the bold step, Lori decides to shift careers!

Let’s see what Alexa and Katie’s season 3 part 2 has in store for us.

Jennifer gets her love life fixed by a handyman

In this season, Katie’s mom Jennifer (Jolie Jenkins), is trying her luck at the dating scene. After multiple tries, she gives up on the whole affair. But in the latest episodes, the show teases that Jennifer is secretly seeing a guy named Mike.

After some investigating and prying by Katie, we find out that Jennifer actually got a job at Katie and Alexa’s high school! Plus, a handsome handyman comes in to fix her sliding door. A little interference by Lori leads to the handyman asking Jennifer out.

The best part about Season 3!

For any Queer Eye fans, there’s a special surprise appearance from Bobby Berk himself. The role he plays is kind of perfect for him.

What’s next for the gang?

Netflix has only released Alexa and Katie season 3 part 1 for now. Fortunately, part 2 is underway pretty soon! Let’s see what happens next.

It’s probably going to contain more high school struggles, new love blossoming and some taekwondo kicks from adorable little Jack Cooper (Finn Carr).