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Álex Pina was 'forced' to kill Berlin off Money Heist

Álex Pina was ‘forced’ to kill Berlin off Money Heist

Money Heist – the Spanish show that has set records for Netflix since its release. Álex Pina is the creator of the show. We amaze ourselves with how creative the show is with its complications. Especially with the way El Professor handles situations. I mean, you have to be high on your creativity to create characters like that. And, it is not just the work of Álex, the cast of the show such as Pedro Alonso and Álvaro Morte are all for their amazing acting. However, with the intense plot of the show, there is bound to be action, love, and villains. You know, the cliche without which any TV series is incomplete. For most people in the first two seasons, Berlin was it. Recently, Álex Pina reveals that he was getting calls to cut Berlin from Money Heist.

In the recent Netflix documentary, Money Heist: The Phenomenon; Álex Pina says;

Someone said to me, ‘This character doesn’t fit with the tiPf the series.

He goes to discuss the conversation.

Álex Pina talks about cutting Berlin from the show.

So, when he was approached with the idea to cut Berlin from the show, Álex Pina says he was quick to respond.

I said I had no intention of taking him out of the series. He’s a misogynist, narcissist and psychopath in many ways. But we could have a character like that in the series and the audience could freely decide whose side they’re on, right?

Álex Pina would be right with that. Berlin was all the things he mentioned above but also, he was terminally ill. And that adds to the whole appeal of the villain. It kept viewers on the edge not being able to decide whether they hate the character, or love him for his vigor. From the looks of what he says next, that is the vibe he was going for!

If television is bland it’s boring because less things happen. The audience wants things to happen, and there’s nothing better than a villain who we can empathise with.

Pedro Alonso himself talks about his character Berlin after Álex Pina has put in his take.

People need to get their heads checked because I’m sure he’s not the character you’d want your daughter to marry. That dominant side to him, his leadership, repulses us but it (also) gives us a certain sense of safety.

Álex Pina has surely worked hard on the character development for Berlin. It was sad to see him die but as we all know, he has appeared in the show again and is still a regular character. In seasons 3 and 4, with the flashbacks, we find that Berlin is not the villain we thought him to be.