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Is Alec Benjamin Collaborating with One Republic’s Ryan Tedder?

Fingers are crossed as a recent social media post by Alec Benjamin sent us jumping out of our chairs in excitement. Not only that, but in some way One Republic’s very own Ryan Tedder made the whole thing even more exciting.  Especially with just a single comment of his. The duo has now made us wonder what is going on over here?

Alec Benjamin To Sing With Ryan Tedder?

In an Instagram post by Alec Benjamin, the singer of the famous Let me down slowly had a piece of news to announce.

i . am . working . on . the . album . 🙂 .

The picture was posted in Frankfurt, Germany.  Moving on, under this picture, Ryan Tedder commented on the following:

Speaking of – We gotta finish that Song the chorus is NUTS !!!

Now, what is this all about? Is the singer of worldwide hit Paper Crown and Water Fountain coming together with One Republic’s very own?

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any further updates over this and no other reports suggest otherwise. However, it sure did get the fans going as this comment by Ryan Tedder on Alec’s picture received 220 likes, the highest.

The Star of Narrated For You Album

Today, Alec Benjamin has gained more success than he ever thought he would have. From a guy who only learned to play the guitar just to impress a girl to becoming a full-fledge songwriter and a singer, Alec has come a long way. Now, singers like Billie Eilish take up his songs to sing and Ryan Tedder is planning a collab with him.

His work is rated in Spotify and he gets around 17 million listeners every month worldwide. His Instagram has surely shot up to gaining just over 1 million followers. Needless to say, for the efforts he put into learning music to impress someone, Alec Benjamin deserves to be where he is today.

Now that he has a positive road ahead, it is only a matter of time before we get to see what is Ryan Tedder from One Republic talking about in the comments section of that picture!