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After shading FaZe Banks, Alissa Violet shades another Ex-boyfriend, Jake Paul

We don’t really know what mission is Alissa Violet currently on, but she is not going to stop anytime soon. After shading ex-boyfriend FaZe Banks and former friend Chantel Jefferies. Alissa is on her next target and that is her ex-boyfriend Jake Paul.
So a couple of days ago a rumor started circulating on social media after Alissa posted a TikTok. And no guys, it wasn’t a usual TikTok. The supermodel was seen throwing shade on a former friend who might have lied about something.

Who is Alissa Violet shading 1 Alissa Violet Jake Paul

Alissa is clearly not impressed with her former friend for lying about why they aren’t friends anymore. And if you take a look at the comments section of this TikTok, you will get to know a lot of things. For example, the real reason behind Alissa and Chantel not being friends is Chantel (allegedly) hooking up with FaZe Banks. And here things get really confusing as FaZe said in one of the recent podcasts that he is on talking terms with Alissa. But there is a possibility that Alissa might have got angry with Chantel for going behind her back and hooking up with FaZe. And Alissa finding this whole thing through someone else but not Chantel herself.

Alissa Violet Shades Ex-boyfriend Jake Paul

After indirectly shading FaZe banks, Alissa goes about shading ex-boyfriend Jake Paul in a now-deleted Vlog. Before we go any further, I just want to give you all a little glimpse of Alissa and Jake’s past relationship. Though the couple looked really good on screen, but a lot of fans think that they were only together for the sake of likes and views. This is totally false because as per Alissa, she had to face a lot of physical and mental abuse when she was seeing Jake.

On the other hand, Jake says that Alissa cheated on him. Guess we are never going to find the actual truth. But Jake posted a picture with Alissa last year in December. And everyone thought they are back together. But it was just a mere stunt pulled by the YouTuber turned boxer who was just trying to have Alissa’s attention.

A social media news reporting page just posted a clip from Alissa’s now-deleted Vlog in which she was shading/roasting ex-boyfriend Jake Paul. While Jake x Tyron Woodley’s fight match was playing in the background on a laptop.

“I was in love once. Do I want to watch a guy who emotionally abused me, umm, get Gatsby? Sure. It lasted (the fight) longer than he did with me so..”

Alissa is also seen fake vomiting at the end of the clip after hearing that Jake won the fight against Tyron Woodley. Umm!! Well!! I really don’t know how I should be responding to this. A lot of fans think that Alissa is just being open and honest about how Jake makes her feel.

On the other hand, some fans think Jake helped her a lot in building a name on social media. She was nothing without him and now she is back so that she can grab some dollars on his name. Guess we will have to wait and find out how Jake is going to respond to this whole situation.

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