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After Ondreaz Lopez, Hannah Stocking is Dating NBA Star Rudy Gobert?

Alright, so as we all know that everyone’s absolute favorite Hannah Stocking is having the time of her life. Not just that, she is also entertaining her fans with her non-stop super hilarious social media posts. From her YouTube channel to Instagram and Snapchat, Hannah never fails to deliver daily dose of fun stuff to her fans. But last year something happened that kind of put some hindrance in Hannah’s daily dose of fun. Yes, guys, I am talking about the time when Hannah had to part ways with Ondreaz Lopez.

Some of you might not know that last year, Ondreaz was accused of a terrible crime. There were reports that the Tiktok star sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl. And at the same time, Ondreaz’s younger brother Tony Lopez was accused of grooming two minor girls.

Hannah Stocking and NBA Star Rudy Gobert spend a vacation together in Mexico

Yes, guys, you heard it right. It all started when Hannah posted a photo dump from her recent vacation in Mexico. And fans started bombarding her with all sorts of questions.

In the photo, one can see a guy’s hand with a beaded bracelet and his foot placed on Hannah’s back.

Right after Hannah posted this photo dump, fans started finding as many clues as possible about the mystery guy. Then an actress named Mikaela also asked Hannah about the mystery foot in the photo dumb.

It is Rudy Goberts foot Hannah Stocking

And then one of the fans mentions that the foot is clearly Rudy Gobert’s as he is at the same vacation place. Another fan also mentioned that the guy is definitely Rudy as he wears the exact beaded bracelet. Now jumping onto Rudy’s Instagram stories, we found that he shared a bunch of photos from the same vacation spot with the exact same background. And I am attaching one of them for you guys.

The background Hannah Stocking

Oh well!! Guess we will have to agree to whatever the fans are saying. And maybe wait a little more until Hannah or Rudy make an official statement about their relationship. But we are really happy for both of them, even if they are just trying to chill together and have a good time.

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