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After Life Episodes Ranked

After Life is created by Ricky Gervais, it is a British comedy-drama that has captured the hearts of audiences around the world. The show follows Tony (Ricky Gervais), a grieving widower struggling to find meaning in his Life after the death of his wife, Lisa (Kerry Godliman). And today, we are here with a list of some of the After Life Episodes Ranked from its first season.

The show has given us moments of laughter and tears in all three seasons and explored love, loss, and the human condition with wit and sensitivity.

Picking just a few as the best is difficult, with so many great episodes. That’s why we’ve compiled a ranking of the top 6 episodes of the most loved British comedy tv show.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the show or just discovering it for the first time, the list of the Best After Life episodes will give you a chance to relive some of the amazing moments from the series. From the heartwarming to the hilarious, these episodes showcase the best of what the show has to offer. So sit back, grab a tissue (or several), and join us as we count the 6 of the best episodes ranked.

This article will discuss the show’s first season’s episodes ranked from the least to the most memorable.

After Life Episodes Ranked #6-Episode 2: “Tea and Toast”

This episode shows Tony struggling to adjust to Life without Lisa. He spends most of his time drinking and watching old videos of her. The episode is slow-paced and lacks the humor the show is known for. However, it sets up some important plot points that pay off later.

Overall, episode 2 of the show is beautifully crafted and emotionally resonant, showcasing the best of the series. It’s a must-watch for fans of the show and anyone who appreciates great storytelling.

After Life Episodes Ranked #5-Episode 3: “Brandy and Chardonnay”

This episode focuses on Tony’s relationship with his father, who is suffering from dementia. The episode is emotionally charged and features some excellent performances but feels disconnected from the main storyline. However, it does provide some important context for Tony’s character.

After Life Episodes Ranked #4-Episode 5

In this episode, we see Tony struggling with moving on from Lisa. He meets a new woman but hesitates to pursue a relationship with her. 

The episode features great moments of humor and heartbreak and sets up some interesting plotlines for future episodes. It also features a standout performance from Ashley Jensen as Emma, a nurse who cares for Tony’s father.

After Life Episodes Ranked #3-Episode 4

This episode shows Tony trying to reconnect with his friends and family. He visits his brother-in-law, who is struggling with his grief, and tries to help his colleague, Matt, deal with his own personal problems. 

The episode is a great showcase of the show’s humor and emotional depth. It also features some excellent performances from Joe Wilkinson and Paul Kaye.

After Life Episodes Ranked #2-Episode 1

The show’s pilot episode sets the stage for the rest of the series. We see Tony at his lowest point and glimpse his life before Lisa’s death.

The episode is a great introduction to the show’s themes and characters and features some great moments of humor and heartbreak. It also features a standout performance from Penelope Wilton as Anne, a widow who befriends Tony.

After Life Episodes Ranked #1-Episode 6

The final episode of After Life is the show’s strongest. Tony finally starts to come to terms with Lisa’s death, and he begins to find hope in his Life again. 

The episode features some great performances from the cast, ending on a poignant and uplifting note. It also features a standout performance from Diane Morgan as Kath, a s*x worker who befriends Tony.

One of the episode’s highlights is the performance from Ricky Gervais, who delivers some of his best work in this season finale. His portrayal of Tony’s pain and vulnerability is raw and authentic, and it’s impossible not to feel deeply moved by his journey.

The writing in “Episode 6” is also top-notch, with sharp dialogue, poignant moments, and unexpected twists and turns. The episode is a perfect example of how to craft a compelling and emotionally resonant story.

Overall, “Episode 6” is a masterpiece of television and a shining example of what the show does best. It’s a must-watch for fans of the show and anyone who appreciates great storytelling.

2Tea and Toast6
3Brandy and Chardonnay5
5Episode 54
4Episode 43
1Episode 12
6Episode 61
Table: After Life Episodes Ranked

Final Thoughts

This show is the best example of a balance between humor and heartbreak with great skill. And the episodes showcase the best this series offers. From the emotional depth of “Episode 4” to the uplifting conclusion of “Episode 6,” these episodes will likely leave a lasting impact on viewers.

So, if you’re a fan of dark comedies and heartfelt dramas, check out this show and keep these episodes in mind when looking for the best the show offers.

After LIfe Episodes Ranked
Ricky Gervais in After Life | Netflix ©

“Episode 6” is an episode that will make you laugh and cry in equal measure. While some episodes may be slower than others, each one contributes to the show’s overall story and character development. The performances from the cast, especially Ricky Gervais, are top-notch, and the writing is both witty and poignant.

If you haven’t watched this amazing show yet, this ranking of episodes should give you a good idea of what to expect. And if you’re already a fan of the show, this list will provide you with a chance to revisit some of the best moments of the series. 

With its mix of humor, heart, and excellent performances, the show deserves to be watched and appreciated.