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After Alissa Violet, Cole Carrigan Has Also Left Jake Paul’s Team 10

Some things never change. Global warming is still happening and the Jake Paul is still the impulsive YouTuber like he always has been. And contrary to what he’s saying, Team 10 has not changed at all. It is still a toxic environment where the people that are a part of it are bullied and harassed in a worrying levels. That latest person to leave the Team 10 house is YouTuber Cole Carrigan.

Carrigan was painted out to be someone who was lazy and who left for breaking the rules. The reality was quite different. Cole Carrigan, as per him, was kicked out of the Team 10 House after dealing with severe bullying. He has claimed that another member of the Team 10 House Arman Azaadi has called him a ‘faggot’ and continued to say homophobic and hurtful slurs at him.

Events That Led to Cole Carrigan Leaving Team 10

Cole Carrigan had to attend TM’s 21st birthday bash last month. But he ended up not going because Arman had a problem with him attending the party since he was not 21 yet. Cole had to stay home and at the time they were staying in Arman’s house. The beauty vlogger claims that Arman kicked him out and called him a ‘faggot’ and other unspeakable things such as:

a piece of shit, saying I’m trash, dirt, lazy, unproductive, selfish, egotistical

It led to Cole crying in tears:

“I’m talking every name in the book to the point where I’m bawling my eyes out. I’m taking every dig he’s saying to me and crying as I’m wheeling my fucking suitcase out.

In fact, Azaadi even got aggressive with Cole and threatened to call the police if he didn’t leave the house immediately.

Moreover, the Team 10 manager Adam Quinn even hacked Cole’s Instagram account and shut it down. And that’s not all the Team 10 is doing to him. He explained in his own video:

They’re now bullying me on the internet by making videos, posting screenshots of our texts on the Team 10 Instagram account, hacking my fucking Instagram

Later on, Azaadi lied about the whole situation and actually claimed that Cole was the one that was being aggressive. Jake Paul and Adam Quinn refused to listen to Cole’s side of things and ended up kicking him out of the Team 10 house.

Team 10’s Bad History

This is not the first time something awful has happened to an ex-Team 10 member. Alissa Violet explained in the Shane Dawson Jake Paul Series that she was emotionally abused by Jake Paul in the Team 10 house. Nick Crompton also left and claimed that Greg Paul, Jake and Logan’s father, was emotionally bullying all the members of the house. Chance Sutton stated that Jake Paul completely lied about why they parted ways professionally. In the new Team 10 House, two women were kicked about after they dealt with transphobic comments from Team 1o members.

What’s Next for Cole Carrigan Now?

Jake Paul is still not listening to Cole’s side of things. Instead he is believing that Cole was unproductive and he is being kicked out due to his own shortcomings.

Cole Carrigan claims that he feels hurts but he is glad that he knows the people in the Team 10 House for who they actually are. He is going to continue making Youtube videos and continuing to work hard in his career.

I was so hesitant with signing this contact because of the history and because of the old Team 10 and what I heard and saw. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt … For them to throw me out on the street basically over something so minor … shows me I didn’t need those people in my life.”

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