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Adorable Jimmy Fallon's Daughter Crashes Interview To Show Lost Tooth

Adorable Jimmy Fallon’s Daughter Crashes Interview To Show Lost Tooth

We have a message for the Tooth Fairy: you have to pay a visit to Jimmy Fallon’s house to drop off a gift! The incredible event happened when Jimmy Fallon was taking an interview with Ciara and Russell Wilson. His daughter, Winnie Fallon, rushed over to tell him about her broken tooth and even we got a chance to see the cute father-daughter moment. Fallon is currently working from home, taking interviews with celebrities on video-calls due to the pandemic lockdown.

Jimmy Fallon Daughter’s Cute Interview Interruption

The 6-year-old child, Winnie, and Jimmy Fallon’s firstborn ran towards her father when he was in the middle of an interview for his show. He was talking to them about how they were entertaining their children during the pandemic. Russell told him that he was making kids learn different kinds of sports. Whereas, Ciara was helping with studies and dance classes. It was after this when Winnie interrupted the video conversation.

“Daddy! I lost my tooth!”

The little child exclaimed rushing to where Jimmy Fallon was sitting for the interview. The Late Night host seemed clearly excited and even paused chatting to introduce his daughter to his guests. The singer and the football player congratulated and started asking how it happened. Winnie told that her mother tied a string around the tooth and helped her pull it out.

Fallon looked extremely merry to hear the news and how it happened. He even thanked his guests for being there with him, an event he admitted he will remember. Speaking to his daughter, he hoped that the Tooth Fairy knew what happened and would be visiting her tonight.

Jimmy Fallon interview, daughter

To add to this moment, while the interview was happening, Jimmy Fallon’s wife told him “She knows!” as she reassured everyone. Finally, Franny Fallon crashed the interview as the 5-year-old wanted to see what was going on at daddy’s workplace.

In the most adorable of manners, Fallon kissed Winnie on the forehead and told her how proud he is. Guys, we have melted away!

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