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Addison Rae roasted for ‘stealing Black Culture’ from Black TikTokers

The ‘He’s All That’ actress, Addison Rae is getting backlash again. Addison Rae has been in some controversies on many occasions. Remember the time she wore the tube top to MTV Awards Show and then kissed her co-star on-stage as well? She got roasted so much for that fashion statement and for that kiss. This time, however, she is being roasted for stealing black culture from black TikTokers.

Moreover, Addison is also a social media personality, a TikToker and now she is on her way to becoming an actress as well. She broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago because he cheated on her. So much has happened in Addison’s since then that she doesn’t really care about people’s opinions. However, this time the outrage is over something that seems a lot more sinister. As we all know that Addison is really famous on Tiktok for her videos. Addison recently posted a video on TikTok and fans thought it was inappropriate.

Addison Rae criticized for Stealing Black Culture

Addison Rae roasted for 'stealing Black Culture' from Black TikTokers

Dulcé Solan recently appeared on Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show. On the show, Solan accused white influencers of stealing black cultural elements from black TikTokers, but initially, she didn’t name anyone in particular. However, it took a while till she accepted that she was particularly talking about Addison Rae. In the show, Solan started discussing how Addison did a black dance on Jimmy Fallon’s show but the black people never got the credit:

The white girl went on the late-night show doing all the black dances and the black dancers never got credited. So they had to bring the black dancers on like a week later, being like ‘hey, sorry about that. These were the ones that actually did the thing.’

The dance in question by Addison was in March on The Tonight Show:

Solan also discussed Addison’s friendship with the Kardashians and said that Kardashians have also been accused of stealing black culture. He hinted that Addison is friends with them because both of them engage in stealing black culture. Solan said:

It is interesting that the girl that was stealing black culture was with the people that be stealing black culture. I guess she wanted to do a masterclass on how to steal from black culture.

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