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Addison Rae reveals that she is proud of Nessa Barrett

Even though TikTok is full of drama and non-stop fights, Addison Rae seems to be changing the norm. Recently, she posted a comment on Nessa Barrett’s Instagram, which got people talking. While it is unclear if the two are friends in real life or just Instagram pals posting encouraging comments on each other’s pictures.

Where there’s Addison Rae, controversy and drama will follow!

Back in 2019, Addison Rae was a humble TikToker with lip-sync videos and dance challenges. However, things have taken a drastic change in her career. Rae is considered an A-list Hollywood star, from befriending Kourtney Kardashian to making an appearance on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She has also released her own music and is starring in a film called He’s All That. At the same time, Addison Rae is the face of TikTok fame and an example for newcomers.

However, it does not mean that she is far from the drama and chaos of the TikTok world. For those who don’t remember her highly dramatic relationship and breakup with Bryce Hall. The on-again-off-again couple kept everyone on their toes with mystery and suspense. Ultimately, Rae shut down all rumors when she kissed her co-star Tanner Buchanan at MTV Awards.

Recently, she again made headlines when she posted an encouraging comment on Nessa Barrett’s post.

As all TikTok followers know that Nessa Barrett earned the title of homewrecker when she started dating her friend’s almost ex-boyfriend. According to sources, Jaden Hossler and Mads Lewis were still in the indecisive phase of their relationship when Nessa entered the scene. Since then, people have been a little apprehensive of her. However, Addison Rae does not care about all that. A few days ago, she wrote a comment on Nessa’s post, which read:

Go getter!!!!! So proud of u

This particular comment got a lot of attention from her fans. While a few did not appreciate this gesture, the majority were pleasantly surprised. Many wanted Nessa and Addison Rae to collaborate. Despite the comment getting so much attention, Nessa has not responded yet.

Despite encouraging comments from Addison Rae, their friendship is still a mystery. In the past, both TikTokers have shared a mutual dislikeness towards Charli D’Amelio. When Charli became the most followed TikToker, Rae and Nessa started liking negative comments about her. However, there is no evidence if it was a planned move or their individual choices. It would be interesting to hear from either of them as to what kind of bond they share. However, it is also important to note that TikTok friendships are incredibly fragile and have a short lifespan

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