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Addison Rae has new beau Omer Fedi?

Addison Rae and Omer Fedi has made their relationship official and public. The couple posted the same video on their Instagram and got people's attention.

Not a day goes by without a new update on Addison Rae and her happening life. Whether it’s her new film, new song, new controversy, or her new man, she is always in the news. Recently, there were rumors of her dating Omer Fedi, Machine Gun Kelly‘s guitarist, and it seems they’re making it official.

Since June 2021, Addison Rae and Omer Fedi’s ship’ has been in the news.

Since becoming famous, Rae has always stayed in the spotlight. In just a tiny amount of time, she has released her own music, starred in a film, and befriended a Kardashian. At the same time, her relationship with Bryce Hall got her a lot of attention. So, when word got out about her new love interest, people wanted answers. While many considered it to be just a rumor, others keenly looked for hints. The best thing about social media investigators is that they always find evidence. Similarly, Addison Rae’s fans did not miss a single clue about her relationship with Omer Fedi. This includes her showing up at the Machine Gun Kelly concert, where Fedi was a guitarist, and him posting a picture of her shoes on Instagram. These clues led to people tittle-tattling about their alleged romance.

However, the He’s All That star has confirmed that she is indeed dating Fedi.

In an Instagram story, Addison Rae posted a very sneaky video where two shadows share a kiss. While she has not posted or commented on anything related to the video, it got everyone’s attention.

However, people really started talking when Omer Fedi shared Rae’s video in his stories. Before that, he also posted pictures of Rae’s shoes and them holding hands. However, he deleted the pictures. This seems to be their way of officially announcing their relationship. Before posting the kiss video, Addison Rae tweeted another hint. However, it’s unclear if she was referring to her new love or something else.

It seems that Addison Rae’s fans do not approve of her latest relationship.

After the new couple posted their stories, people started commenting. However, it was not what anyone expected. People immediately compared Fedi with Bryce Hall and said it was a downgrade for Rae. Some commented that Hall was a better option than Fedi. Meanwhile, others seemed to be shocked that Addison Rae even considered him. At the same time, there were some comments which questioned the video. According to some people, the shadow video was actually from Pinterest. Clearly, her fans wanted Rae to choose a better partner than Omer Fedi.

Some called it a “downgrade,” and some even asked who he was, and one user commented:

I know ya’ll don’t like bryce but this is such a downgrade

While we do not have any more evidence of their relationship, it is only a matter of time. We will be looking forward to some PDA-filled Instagram posts.

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