Did The ACE Family Fake Their Valentine's Day Giveaway?

Did the ACE Family fake their Valentine’s Day giveaway?

The ACE Family is once again facing allegations of scamming their fans. This time, the controversy surrounds the Valentine's Day giveaway.

Once again, ACE Family is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. This time, their followers are accusing them of scamming people in the name of giveaways. On Valentine’s Day, they share a giveaway of Tesla cars with their followers. However, people have revealed that no one actually won the car.

Since the beginning of their channel, ACE Family has grabbed the viewers’ attention.

Along with their three kids, this husband-wife duo has more than 19 million followers on YouTube. Initially, they made vlogs, prank videos, and other challenges. However, ACE Family moved to parent-content after having kids. Currently, they’re one of the most successful YouTubers, making a lot of money. With a successful YouTube channel, ACE Family introduced its merch and has multiple brand partnerships. However, that is not all which keeps them in the news.

Most of the time, controversies are what keeps them in the spotlight

In 2018, some followers dug up old tweets of Austin McBroom, ACE Family co-founder, which were racist and sexist. One tweet said:

St. Louis is scaring me away from black girls…..blondes with blue eyes are looking more appealing !

After a year, another YouTuber accused McBroom of sexually assaulting his friend. However, he denied these allegations with proof that the alleged victim herself denied any assault or harassment. At the same time, he tweeted a statement that read:

“Bullying, extortion, slander, and defamation of character is something I will not stand for and I can promise that justice will be served.”

Earlier this year, ACE Family launched a program called How to Become a Millionaire. It required the fans to pay $50 per month for a subscription. However, many found that it had too many glitches, with cards being declined and the website crashing. According to McBroom, it was because of high traffic.

Recently, ACE Family came under fire for their Valentine’s Day giveaway.

For Valentine’s Day, Catherine McBroom of ACE Family posted a giveaway on Instagram. They were giving away three Tesla Model 3 cars. To enter it, the followers had to like her photo, follow all the accounts she followed and tag two friends. According to Catherine, the winner was to be announced on her Instagram stories. Since then, the post has received over 500k comments and more than 1 million likes. However, no winner has been announced yet, and people wonder if it’s another scam. Many followers posted comments inquiring about the results. At the same time, many people called them out for scamming and faking giveaways.

One user wrote:

Sweepstakes and prizes scams are illegal, and defendants who perpetrate the scams can be charged with violating federal law… How many crimes have these people committed? They’re so starved for attention and vlog everything. Don’t you think if they actually gave the cars away they would at least post a pic? C’mon. I’m genuinely baffled that people like them.

So far, no one from ACE Family has responded to the accusations. Let’s see what new controversy surrounds this family.

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