ACE Family have allegedy comitted mortgage fraud

ACE Family have allegedly committed mortgage fraud

In a newly surfaced video, ACE Family is being accused of committing mortgage fraud and lying about owning the house.

Recently, ACE Family was accused of committing mortgage fraud. According to a YouTuber, they never really owned the house and used a shady method of getting it. At the same time, they took a huge amount of mortgage loan disguised as a loan for business purposes only. This news comes after the couple came out with allegations of scam against their builder. Similarly, they explained the entire foreclosure situation. A few days back, someone discovered that they are selling their furniture online.

ACE Family

This year have not been easy for ACE Family and it keeps getting worse

Earlier this year, ACE Family organized the Battle of Platforms and thus began their bad days. After the event, many influencers accused Austin McBroom of not paying them. One by one, everyone started to file lawsuits against them. So far, they have $100 million worth of lawsuits against them. At the same time, it was reported that the ACE Family home is up for auction and the family is kicked out. Many speculated that they are homeless and the house is in foreclosure. A few days back, the couple sat down to explain the foreclosure situation and accused their builders of scamming them.

ACE Family

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After their explanation video came out, a TikToker discovered that they’re selling their furniture

According to the couple, they had put a lot of money into the house but got scammed. At the same time, they accused their builders of not giving them a certificate of occupancy. A few days later, a TikToker found out that they are selling their furniture online. In the ads, ACE Family have put up their living room couch, coffee tables, and hand sculpture for sale. At the same time, they have put up their high-end bed for sale as well. According to many people, they are selling their belongings because they need money to pay for the lawsuits and loans.

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Recently, a video came out which alleges that ACE Family have committed mortgage fraud

According to the video which debunks ACE Family’s claims, they never really owned the house. While they have accused their builder of scam, the house was under his company’s name before the ACE Family claimed it as theirs. After they wanted to get the house, they tried to own the company of the builder and changed the names of owners on the official document. At the same time, they changed the description of the company to entertainment. It means that instead of buying the house, they declared that the builder have transferred the house in their name as a gift. Similarly, ACE Family took an almost $9 million mortgage loan which was to be used for business purposes only. It is to be noted that this is the same builder that they have accused of scamming them.

ACE Family

With this new revelation, ACE Family might get in more trouble and might have to face the authorities soon.

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