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ACE Family Addresses Their Home's Foreclosure, Blaming The Home Builders Of Scam

ACE Family addresses their home’s foreclosure, blaming the home builders of scam

After months of speculations and rumors, the ACE Family has addressed the news of the house being auctioned in foreclosure.

After months of speculations, news of foreclosure, and auction, the ACE Family has finally responded with a video. On their YouTube channel, the McBrooms talked about losing the house and what led to it. According to them, the builders did not give them the certificate of occupancy. At the same time, they claim that the house was very poorly built and had many issues. While talking about it, they also addressed their haters and fellow social media stars. For now, they have let go of the house and sold it.

ACE Family Addresses Their Home's Foreclosure, Blaming The Home Builders Of Scam

Previously, the internet was abuzz with the news of ACE Family home getting auctioned

After many months of rumors about it, the house actually did end up being auctioned in foreclosure. In 2019, ACE Family moved into a $10 million mansion located in the posh location in LA. According to Austin and Catherine McBroom, they spend a lot of time and money renovating the house. However, things got worse when the couple started facing multiple lawsuits. In October, news came out that the ACE Family home is up for auction and the family is homeless. However, no one bought the house and it went back to the beneficiary. Since then, people have been curious about the status of the property and the McBroom’s future.

ACE Family

At one point, the McBrooms denied the rumors of being homeless.

Despite their followers repeatedly asking them to comment, ACE Family kept mum. According to their followers, the couple needed to come clean and tell the truth. However, the McBrooms decided to deny the rumors and claimed to have things under control. At one point, Catherine McBroom replied in a Q&A session and said:

“I have not spoken about any of this publicly but if I did I think most of the hateful; people that with us pain and failure would feel very stupid for ever assuming the worst. It’s just not fair how people can just assume that I don’t pay my bills or something.”

On the other hand, Austin McBroom of ACE Family said:

“Stop [capp]ing on me and my family’s name. Ain’t nobody getting evicted ain’t nobody moving. Stop believing everything you see the haters say on the internet! If we were moving, we definitely would [have] informed the world and made a whole YouTube video about it. Have a good rest of your day.”

ACE Family

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Recently, ACE Family posted a 1 hour video, detailing the entire foreclosure of their house.

In their new YouTube video, ACE Family has come forward with all the details about their house, auction, and foreclosure. According to them, the builders scammed them and did not give them a certificate of occupancy. At the same time, they detailed all the things wrong with the house. Only three weeks after moving into the house, Catherine McBroom noticed that their $45000 front door had started to warp. Turns out, the builder lied to them and used plywood instead of mahogany wood. Similarly, the ceiling started to leak every time someone used any of the upstairs bathrooms. In the end, they addressed their haters and people from the entertainment industry. While talking about it, ACE Family creators told people to have a heart and stop celebrating the fact that they lost their house.

ACE Family

For now, ACE Family is claiming that they have sold the house and taken their money out of it. However, only time will tell if it is the truth.

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