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Abelina Sabrina Rejects Ex-Boyfriend Gus Johnson’s Apology Over Her Tough Pregnancy Period

YouTuber Abelina Sabrina shared how she faced a life-threatening pregnancy which she had to terminate on her YouTube channel with video ‘My pregnancy’, and revealed that her boyfriend at the time didn’t support her during that time. In fact, he was neglectful and made her feel like a burden. This was on top of the neglectful healthcare she was facing. Sabrina didn’t name him but fans figured that it might be him. It was confirmed that it was after he made an official apology on Twitter. Abelina did not accept the apology however.

The difficult and life-threatening pregnancy of Abelina Sabrina

A few years ago, Abelina Sabrina found herself to be pregnant. She didn’t plan to get pregnant but it happened anyway. She wanted to terminate it but she could not due to neglectful behavior by the healthcare staff of Kaiser Permanente. On top of it, she was facing different pains but she could not do anything about it because none of the doctors she went to took her seriously.

But when the pain got too severe, she had to go through a last-minute risky surgery because one of her fallopian tubes had ruptured. Abelina also got to know that she had an ectopic pregnancy. As a result of the surgery, she lost her baby.

Despite her plans of terminating the pregnancy, Abelina Sabrina revealed that her boyfriend at the time pressured her into it as well, and didn’t ask what she wanted. And the healthcare staff judged her for wanting a pregnancy and didn’t do a detailed imaging of her uterus when she wanted it right from the start. So, her surgery could have been avoided if the healthcare staff handled her case with better and more professional care.

After the surgery, Abelina says that her boyfriend started to resent her and thought of her as a burden. She had not told anyone else so she could only rely on him.

This thing has changed my life so much. I am not the same person I used to be. Because after that not only do you have like the natural postpartum of not being pregnant anymore. [But] my hormones after that rupture were just all over the place. There were like some little complications even from surgery after. I would just have lots of random moments of just being thrown into that feeling of what it felt to be just dying all over again at random. I had no control over it. And the only person I could really lean on was my boyfriend. Because I couldn’t tell anybody. And I don’t fully blame him because that is a lot of responsibility to put on a single person.

And Abelina Sabrina could not get the emotional support she needed from her boyfriend, so she had to often hide her pain or only go to her boyfriend when it became absolutely necessary.

I had just broken for a really long time. And I was trying to put myself through therapy. I would try to take myself to the doctor whenever you know stuff would spike. It was just the worst. My boyfriend started to resent me. So, I tried bottling it up even more and not telling him until I was absolutely certain that I needed to go to the doctor.

Here was Gus Johnson’s Apology

Gus Johnson made a Twitter Notes Apology and didn’t name Abelina. But everyone knew who he was talking about. He said that the circumstances were complicated for both him and her but that he cannot imagine what pain she was going through. Gus Johnson further added that they were both quite young and thus not prepared to deal with a medical situation like that. He added that they both went to therapy and counseling after where he got to realize his mistakes. Johnson wanted Abelina to know how “deeply sorry” he was and that he now realized how wrongly he acted.

Moreover, he said that he has grown a lot since then and wish he acted better during that time. Johnson further shared that he will continue to improve and be better. Apart from that, he is taking some time off from work and he is cancelling all his live-shows. Gus Johnson assured fans that all the tickets that were bought will be refunded.

Abelina’s response to the apology

I won’t accept a misleading apology with lies in it. I don’t forgive you.

abelina sabrina rejects apology gus johnson Abelina Sabrina
Twitter | Abelina Sabrina

Abelina Sabrina called the apology ‘misleading’ and full of lies. She, again, didn’t name him and didn’t reply to his tweet either.

But she did make her message loud and clear.