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Aaron Carter Is Weak? Jenna Shea Spills Tea After Breakup

As expected by 99.9% of Aaron Carter and Jenna Shea fans, they broke up. People were even betting on how long their relationship will survive. To be honest, it is their life and they can do whatever they want to do. However, making it public just for clout chase and clickbait, not good. Aaron Carter and Jenna Shea’s so-called relationship lasted for 48 hours maximum, (or probably it was 72). They jumped into it right away without knowing much about each other. And now, Jenna Shea, the famous escort, is spilling tea about Aaron Carter, right after the breakup. Well, we are not surprised that it happened after nojumper podcast released their “relationship” interview on YouTube.

Aaron Carter & Jenna Shea Broke Up

Jenna Shea has dated many famous rappers in the past. However, she confirmed during nojumper podcast that she has not gone public with anyone since Soulja Boy. Probably, that is why everyone thought Aaron Carter and Jenna Shea are a legit couple. They were, in fact, discussing their 2-days relationship on nojumper podcast. The details also included some obscene TMI level stuff we cannot even quote here.

Jenna Shea and Aaron Carter have not exchanged the “I Love You” claims. They were taking baby steps apparently, but we will not classify it as baby steps unless it was an elephant baby. Aaron Carter did not want a virtual relationship so he booked a flight for her himself. They spend some time together, changed their usernames on Instagram to honor the relation. And broke it just like that.

The Post-Breakup State

Aaron Carter has made his Instagram private right after the breakup. he has not shared any Instagram story related to the breakup yet. However, he has gone Live on Instagram twice, and I am guessing I have to hear it all to see if he discussed the breakup. He has shared this though.

Meanwhile, Jenna Shea is back to her home, and her usual self on Instagram. But she was not using Twitter regularly before her hookup with Aaron Carter. Now, she is spilling all the tea on Twitter.

Jenna Shea is not a pornstar, she claims she never recorded anything for porn. But she is a famous escort, and as per her, escorts do not date at all. We are surprised, Aaron Carter & Jenna Shea confirmed on nojumper podcast that they were already talking about having kids because they both need one at least. Here’s what Jenna Shea is saying now.

I just wanna have positive thoughts and move forward in life.

If anyone thought that was real I have a bridge to sell you. I’ve always been about my bag..respect the hustle.

Aaron Carter Is Not Rich Enough For Jenna Shea?

You can find all of these and more on her Twitter account, in case if she does not delete them.
Hoes don’t date…duh.
A simple google search states I’m a escort with my rates. Nothing to hide my mo is always about me coming way or another! If you try to wife one you look dumb take this L.
Done with that situation. I just think it’s silly to try and date a whole prostitute.

We have compiled her tweets into text. Still wondering, she did not care about Aaron Carter’s money when she was talking her “heart” out on the nojumper podcast. However, all of a sudden he is weak now? She said she makes her own money and she was in it for the relationship, not for the money. But Jenna Shea is back to earning some bucks now.

I could never do a weak man I like my tricks strong especially in the POCKETS.

We might find the real tea and details soon when one of them opens up and the other follows it.

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  1. What a clever fine lady! man I hope Hollywood falls into the ocean. With all these rabid STD thots and money grubbing parasites. The Carter dude? He needs some good psych meds.

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