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Aaron Carter puts girlfriend in prison for domestic abuse

This relationship is just getting messier. It feels like history repeating itself when it comes to Aaron Carter. In his last proper relationship, he claimed that his girlfriend Lina Valentina slapped him. Due to which he ended up filing for a temporary restraining order. However, since he did not show up for the permanent RO hearing, that’s why it was not granted. When Lina opened up about her relationship, she said she was in an abusive relationship. Even recently, she wished Aaron’s current girlfriend all the best and hoped that Aaron stops using Xanax and stays good. Now, in the last couple of days, things have changed for Aaron Carter & girlfriend Melanie Martin. While Melanie has only shown a broken phone without any context, Aaron Carter is currently showing his wounds.

Aaron Carter puts Melanie Martin in prison

It’s still speculation. However, people are sharing receipts on the internet. Since Aaron didn’t save Aaron’s Instagram Live. That’s why we just have the screenshots available on Twitter. Apparently, Aaron shows a bruise and a scratch on his Instagram live. He further stated that he had to put Melanie in jail for the conjugal violence he had to face.

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That seems like a case of domestic abuse. But, with tables turned. Previously, everyone believed that if any physical violence is involved in their relationship, then Melanie would be the victim. And since they are living together, or were living together, it’s not just a case of domestic dispute. Instead, it seems like domestic abuse and there must be more to the story. We do not have Melanie Martin’s side of the story yet, since she is reportedly in jail. And Aaron says she will be out in two days.

Please go through this thread for screenshots from Aaron Carter’s Instagram live:

People have also shared receipts of her arrest.

There is $50,000 bail amount set. Moreover, she is charged with Felony instead of domestic violence. As per a law article shared by another source, domestic violence turns into a Felony Domestic Violence if physical force is used to cause the infliction of traumatic conditions to your spouse or partner. The totality of injuries and severity of wounds help the prosecutor to charge a person with felony. Some viewers have confirmed that peanut has a broken leg and that might have made Melanie Martin to retaliate.

It is still too early to speculate what went wrong. They were at the dentist, and Aaron was angry at people for hitting on her or calling her cute. Melanie’s side of the story will play a vital role here.

We’ll share more details as soon as more receipts are up on the internet.

If you or someone from your family/friends is going through a tough time, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), available 24/7.


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