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Aaron Carter Turns Possessive, Threatens Melanie Martin’s Ex On Instagram Live

It’s one of those days when your news feed gets bombarded with one particular person. In my case, it’s Aaron Carter. Honestly, I’d have loved it if it was him releasing music or a new track. But the reality is totally something we all weren’t expecting. Even the AC dislikers did not see this coming. AC and his girlfriend-and-almost-fiance Melanie Martin celebrated their love for each other by getting their lover’s name tattooed. (In Melanie’s case, it seems like peer pressure though). And now, AC is going all caveman on her. He recently threatened Melanie Martin’s ex-boyfriend, Kurt Benz. On Instagram Live…for something he allegedly did 2 months back. What triggered this reaction?

Aaron Carter’s Abusive Rant On Instagram Live

Melanie Martin was dating Kurt Benz before she started dating Aaron Carter. Her relationship timeline with Benz is still unknown. However, Benz is not staying silent now. (We’ll come to that later).

The footage we are about to post here can make you uncomfortable. Please don’t watch it if you are a minor, or sensitive to abusive rants and profanity.

Melanie sounded a little off in the beginning. However, she tries to cool Aaron down by saying that she likes how he is protective of her. Just seconds after Aaron Carter claims that he cut the heads off alligator and eats them for dinner, Aaron says:

I’m not mad, I’m chill. I’m smoking a cigarette.

He was not done verbally abusing Kurt Benz for several minutes. There’s another clip from the Instagram Live. However, that cannot be shared because Melanie Martin did not know that Aaron Carter is live streaming, and she appeared topless in the background. Aaron had to cut the stream, forgetting all of his rants from just seconds ago.

Melanie Martin’s Ex Responds

Melanie Martin’s ex-boyfriend is giving a tough time to Aaron Carter. Not because of Melanie Martin. In fact, Twitter is becoming a huge fan of Benz’s looks. They like his tattoos and beard. And he responds to Tweets as well, especially when it’s about Aaron Carter or Melanie Martin.

He is a real estate agent and a former nightclub manager, as per some sources.

And he appreciates people supporting him.

He also clapped back at Aaron Carter.

Y’all should know that he is really enjoying all the attention.

For real.

People were also quick to highlight the similarities between Kurt Benz’s 2018 picture and Aaron Carter’s latest picture.

Apparently, Benz posted it after his breakup with Melanie Martin, while Aaron posted this just two days back.

Is this feud going to get bigger than it already is? We’ll find out soon enough. One thing Benz has confirmed, he’ll not go after Melanie Martin.

If you or someone from your family/friends is going through a tough time, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), available 24/7.

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