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Aaron Carter’s Ex-GF lied about pregnancy, threatening new GF now?

Aaron Carter and his ex-girlfriend Melanie Martin might not be together anymore. However, they are still very much a part of each other’s lives as “topic discussions”. Aaron did not waste any time to get over Melanie and start a new relationship with Viktoria, a Real Estate Agent & Marketing Specialist. On the other hand, Melanie tried her level best to prove to the world that she is dealing with a broken heart, a pregnancy that she tried to prove during a live-stream, as well as moving on in her life and finding a new apartment. While many people called out Aaron for leaving Melanie alone while she was pregnant, they fully supported Melanie as she was on her way to become a single-mother. However, some recent developments have put a huge question mark on Melanie Martin’s credibility. Her claims are turning out to be false as per latest receipts. Moreover, it is alleged that she also threatened Aaron’s new girl as well.

Melanie Martin’s pregnancy was a scam to trap Aaron?

While Aaron Carter was really happy on Melanie’s pregnancy news when they were still together, he started questioning her pregnancy after their breakup. In fact, Aaron even claimed that he’ll arrange the baby’s DNA test to make sure he is the father, and if he is, he’ll do right by the baby. On the other hand, Melanie Martin took multiple pregnancy tests while going Live on her Instagram. Some fans pointed out that it was all a scam, and that she was using a fake pregnancy test strip that always shows positive results.

However, Melanie Martin has been rejecting all the claims. She was persistent she was pregnant. When the “fake pregnancy” news started to hit social media, many women around the world lashed at Melanie for considering the “pregnancy” a joke. There are many women who have been trying to get pregnant, and they are getting treatments for the same reason. These women do not like how Melanie was allegedly using the pregnancy as a weapon.

Now, Melanie Martin was seen enjoying shots after shots of alcohol with a friend during a livestream.

When people started questioning her acts, Melanie Martin claimed she had a miscarriage. She also claimed that she’ll share the news with the world soon, however, she is depressed.

Aaron Carter’s new girlfriend is receiving threatening calls

Well, the pregnancy is a scam or not, we do not know yet since there was never an official pregnancy confirmation test (on public record) to begin with. However, seems like Melanie Martin is getting sick of people calling her a liar and a scam. AC Army has been all over her Instagram, and that might have led her to call Aaron’s new girlfriend Viktoria and threaten her.

Yes, Viktoria did receive a threatening call. She shared the news on her Instagram story. In fact, she confirmed that she is changing her personal number as well.

While both Aaron Carter and Viktoria have not called out Melanie’s name directly, she has still denied that it was her behind the threatening call.

This breakup is just getting messier. At this point, both the parties still have issues with each other. Is Aaron Carter going to request a restraining order? Is Melanie Martin lying about the whole pregnancy situation? Only time can tell.

Melanie Martin has started a business of her own right after the breakup. She is running a “love lashes” business. On the other hand, “Baby” Aaron Carter is spending most of his time with the new girlfriend.

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