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Aaron Carter | E-Begging, Domestic Violence & Hitting A Pedestrian

Aaron Carter, the estranged brother of Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys, is not backing down from anything. Though he is keeping a low profile on his Twitter and Instagram handles for now (low, compared to the way he goes bombarding tweets and Instagram stories usually). He is not keeping it low on YouTube though. Aaron Carter used to be an interesting young musician while he was performing as a child artist. However, apart from the AC Army, not many are a fan of Aaron now.

Aaron Carter & E-Begging | This Needs To Stop

If you are not familiar with the e-begging, then let us do the honors. E-begging is just the begging with an e, which means cyber or internet. It is the “online version of traditional begging”. What Aaron Carter has to do with it? Well, if you do not know the answer already then you might be one of the AC stans.

Aaron Carter has asked his fans and followers, multiple times during multiple live streams, for donations. Here is a compilation of the e-begging clips:

You can see how he blackmails his fans into donating money. Using phrases like: ‘you don’t value me as an artist’ and ‘you don’t value me as an entertainer and a performer’.

Where is all this money going? No one is sure.

Not to forget, a GoFundMe fraud was also shared by many fans. They confirmed he started a fund for a kid named Elijah, and Elijah never got the money. $10,000+ was raised by Aaron Carter and after people started confirming Elijah did not get the money, the fund has been removed from the official page. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Elijah AC Army
GoFund Me page created by Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter Go Fund Me Fraud
Aaron Carter Go Fund Me

Aaron Carter does not look cute asking for money when he has Instagram posts like this one:

Yeah, not cute.

Domestic Violence?

Well, this is getting stranger with every new allegation as per AC Army and receipt as per the anti-AC Army. In one of the latest live streams of Aaron Carter & Ganval (Ganval was showing Aaron Carter’s live on his live @ganval on YouTube). I did not see the LIVE when it was actually live, a tweet led me there:

Turns out, 5 cops showed up during Aaron Carter’s live stream when some fans called the police because they heard Melanie Martin screaming. While the cops were over, Aaron asked his girlfriend Melanie Martin to mute the stream. It was dark so the view is pretty much useless but after the cops left, Aaron Carter resumed what he was doing. Melanie confirmed there were 5 cops, while Aaron said that Ganval is in trouble. As per Aaron:

You [Ganval] really messed up this time.

Aaron Carter Hit A Pedestrian?

If you follow Aaron Carter just for kicks and giggles, then you might know about a Twitter account “whatsthetruth21”. It is a thread full of receipts that refer to a civil case against Aaron Carter.

As confirmed by whatsthetruth21, Aaron Carter hit a person who was walking on the sidewalk. There is a witness of the scene as well.

The story is still developing and only whatsthetruth21 seems to have access to the receipts for now, with the help of some resources. These things are really messed up.

There’s more from the developing story:

We’ll share more details as soon as there is progress in the case.

Lina Valentina Drops Huge Hints On Her Ex

Lina Valentina recently shared the images of a book titled “Psychopath Free” by Jackson MacKenzie. This gives huge hints about her relationship with Aaron Carter. Since we did not see Aaron Carter reading a similar book, you can connect the dots and deduce who was the psychopath in Lina’s life.

We hope a psychopath-free life for everyone. What’s next in Aaron Carter’s 2020 Controversies? How long will Melanie Martin stay in this relationship, which includes Qtiping Aaron’s ears? We’ll have the answers soon.


  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for writing/posting this!! Aaron Carters egregious, criminal despicable lying+manipulative behavior angers & saddens me. As a former fan, I felt for a long time wholeheartedly he has had the talent, tools & character to make it big like his big brother Nick until last year when his behavior, attitude & that character took a 180 down a very dark path. He has no one who will work with him, rightly so for many reasons. Nicks clear confrontation with Aaron even back on House of Carters eality show I believe rings true today, he doesnt have the drive, motivation or work ethic to make his career what it could be, hed rather as weve seen go the easy way route to make money by stealing/copying other artists work to either promote his merch or portray as his work while defiantly & aggressively going head to head with anyone who even calls him out on it.
    Sadly this laundry list of wrongdoings & even criminal actions is just a taste of what hes done. I have a strong suspicion theres ALOT more hes done/said we may never find out about. Whatever the case, my hope is he will be forced to get mental health help, held accoutable for his criminal actions that has victimized many fans which his assistant Dawn has beencomplicit & participated in, plus I hope his animal abuse of his current dog Nala as well as the many former pets would put my heart at ease. That justice also belongs to the man Aaron severly injured by hitting him on a sidewalk we recently learned about who Im sure has suffered immensly.Worth noting he continues to drive despite reports he has no DL, aside from that he drives HORRIBLY. There are numerous clipa of hia driving distracted by his IG Lives-reading, responding & even arguing with those in Live chat, inc one clip he had his eyes on his cell for 40+secs. This happens every time he drives. It angers me so many media outlets, animal services & even police depts have either dismissed or ignored the plethora of complaints & solid receipts. All evidence & receipts are by his own hands- his constant streaming provide clear proof of his poor choices+vile behaviors. Why wont media talk about him, besides a quick sprinkle of days past petty content?? Im baffled by that. All I know is victims deserve justice & he needs an interventon. Plus held accountable. NOW. Thanks again for this, I will be sharing it & applaud you for this piece

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