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Aaron Carter Denies Getting Married To Trisha Paytas

The wait is not over yet. We have got only a glimpse of Trisha Paytas Wedding without her husband. Did she marry a ghost or an alien from Area 51? Fans are sharing crazy theories, and these keep getting crazier. Do we bet even Jason Nash and David Dobrik must wonder what is happening here? While other questions remain unanswered, we have a confirmation of someone who is not Trisha Paytas’s husband. Sorry guys, it is not Aaron Carter.

Aaron Carter Denies Marrying Trisha Paytas

Now we know how your tricky brains work; stop thinking, guys. There are no more dots to connect between Aaron Carter & Trisha Paytas. They hooked up; yes, that is true. And that was not a one-night stand. They hooked up again after months, which was like a month ago. And Trisha even shared a picture of her kissing Aaron with the caption showing the engagement ring. But she deleted it because you cannot hook up with Aaron Carter and post it permanently on your social profile.

The on-and-off relationship between the two of them had people wondering if Trisha Paytas was marrying Aaron Carter. Fortunately, she is not. Aaron recently confirmed it in a post when a fan congratulated him on his “wedding with Trisha.” And he replied with, “ew, what?”.

(UH OH) 

Next Time, Remember Her Husband Is An Actor

When formulating the following theory of who is Trisha Paytas’ husband or Trisha Paytas’s groom, remember that he is an actor (As per her). So, the theory should be justified by him being an actor. Aaron Carter is not an actor; he is a singer. Moreover, he was dating an escort, Jenna Shea, for a couple of days before they broke up.

Oh, and Criss Angel is a performer, not an actor. Trisha Paytas just attended the Criss Angel show to celebrate her wedding on stage with Criss (and not the groom).

That’s it; that’s the story. Trisha Paytas says she will be back on social media by Monday and will spill wedding details then.

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