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Aaron Carter Is Dating Instagram Model & Escort Jenna Shea

Aaron Carter, the amazing Pyro singer, is hitting the news section again. But this time, it is not about his feud with the famous brother Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys. In fact, when Trisha Paytas announced she is getting married to a public figure on November 1, 2019, many people believed she is marrying Aaron Carter. However, those fans will be disappointed to know that Trisha Paytas is not marrying the younger Carter. It was just a temporary fling between them. He is, in fact, dating an Instagram model and kind-of pornstar Jenna Shea. Aaron Carter is going all out with this one. Because. Aaron Carter Instagram is renamed after her.

Aaron Carter & Jenna Shea | A Match Made In Heaven?

Now, since Aaron Carter is stalked and gaslighted by many Nick Carter & BSB fans. The same people must be wondering why are we using Aaron Carter and the word “heaven” in the same sentence. Well, it is because (a) we have got no beef with him. and (b) matches are made in heaven.

Their relationship might seem like a temporary fling to many. And some fans are even betting on their breakup already. However, Aaron Carter and Jenna Shea are going stronger than your imagination. (at least, for now). Both of them cannot keep their hands off each other even in public. (and during Live chats with the fans). They have, in fact, changed their Profile Name on Instagram as well.

So, when you search Aaron Carter Instagram, you will see his profile name as Jennashea. Similarly, when you search Jenna Shea, you will see her profile name as “Aaron Carters Bitch”. Well, good to see their 2-days old relationship is going strong. They do make a cute couple though.

Who Is Jenna Shea?

Jenna Shea is a well-known internet personality and Instagram model. She is also referred as a pornstar by many. However, Aaron Carter calls her a star, not the pornstar. Jenna Shea has, in fact, hooked up with many rappers including Tyga, Soulja Boy, and Lil Wayne. However, rappers were not really a good experiment for her. Therefore, she restricted herself to athletes and NFL players only. Aaron Carter is neither an athlete nor a rapper. However, he is doing something right that is why Jenna has no issues with him.

Jenna Shea is a famous escort, and she sells her private pictures and videos, mostly nudes. However, she has claimed she never was into porn and she never did it.

Is She Moving In With Aaron Carter?

Aaron Carter and Jenna Shea are together-together. They are spending time, taking meals, staying overnight for now. However, Aaron Carter is moving to Canada soon. And some fans are wondering what will happen to Jenna Shea. Well, she has made it clear she goes wherever Aaron goes. Let’s see if she moves in with Aaron Carter to Canada soon.

They also appeared on nojumper podcast together and made it official that they are dating. So, Aaron Carter and Jenna Shea are officially dating.

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