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Aaron Carter Concert Canceled Amid Domestic Violence Allegations By His Ex Melanie Martin

Singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, and actor, Aaron Carter has had quite a career. And he is best known for his song I’m All About You. And he is also known for his stint dating actor Hillary Duff. While the rapper goes on tours pretty frequently, he has run into some trouble with his most recent one.

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter. Source: Instagram

And he was slotted to perform at Lulu’s Downstairs in Manitou Springs on 11 August as part of his “Love” tour. However, he has since been removed from the lineup due to recent developments in his constantly rocky personal life!

Aaron Carter's "Love" tour
Aaron Carter’s “Love” tour. Source: Instagram

Aaron Carter’s fiancee alleges that he beat her!

Domestic violence cases never reflect well on a person’s career. Nor should they. And Aaron Carter is also allegedly violent towards Melanie Martin, his ex-fiancee. And Melanie came forward with the news two weeks ago. Moreover, she is seeking a restraining order against Aaron Carter for his domestic abuse. While the two split about 3 months ago, this news has only recently come out. And all this is despite the two having a baby together!

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin with their baby
Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin with their baby. Source: Instagram

Melanie Martin’s account of the altercation leading to fracturing her ribs is scary. And they were arguing due to Melanie talking to another man. However, this was after they were already broken up. And in official court documents, she recounts:

 “We had a fight about me talking to another man while we were broken up. He punched me in the left rib and pushed me. I didn’t feel the pain until a few days later, then I left the house because he threatened to give me a restraining order.”

Moreover, a medical report confirming that Melanie has at least one broken rib is also part of the proof. Melanie further goes on to say in her account that Aaron Carter is taking too many prescription pills. And this is making him very aggressive.

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Current situation with the concert

Basically, Lulu’s Downstairs decision to cancel the Aaron Carter concert stands. And surely, no one wants to associate themselves with a domestic abuser. And the cancellation comes from Instagram and Facebook stories posted by the venue. Moreover, Lulu’s Downstairs has outright spoken against Aaron Carter. They say that the negativity surrounding him does not suit their brand:

“Please know we strive to do our best when booking musical talents and we appreciate your support as we sometimes have to make corrections. The Aaron Carter show ended up not being a fit for us for many reasons. We stand against domestic violence and many other negative things associated with him as of late. We decided to cancel this show. Thank you again in supporting us as we continue to do our  best to bring you great music.” 

And we stand by Aaron’s concert cancellation. There is no place in the world for domestic abuse. It seems Melanie will get the restraining order. And we hope that she does.

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