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Aaron Carter claims his exes use Backstreet Boys lyrics to taunt him

Aaron Carter recently broke up with his on-again off-again girlfriend Melanie Martin. Both of them started dating earlier this year. However, they have broke up so many times after that it’s hard to count it on your fingers. Honestly speaking, there was a time when almost the whole media stopped following updates of their relationships. This time, it seems like the break up is permanent since Aaron seems determined not to take Melanie back. He also confirmed that his ex-girlfriends taunt him with Backstreet Boys songs and lyrics.

Aaron Carter still hates Backstreet Boys?

Last year, Nick Carter filed for a restraining order against his own brother Aaron Carter. Nick confirmed in a tweet that he and his sister, Angel, took this step due to life threats and security reasons. In his statement, Nick confirmed that Aaron threatened him and shared his intentions of hurting Nick’s wife Lauren Kitt, and their unborn child.

The restraining order was granted and guns were taken away from Aaron Carter. Aaron and Nick have a history of feuds between them. Nick never takes Aaron’s name now, due to the restraining order. However, Aaron has never been shy to share his thoughts and hatred towards Nick Carter and Backstreet Boys.

After his recent breakup, Aaron Carter went on a vacation on his own and now he is back to his house. He shared through Instagram stories that his fans keep sharing how his ex-girlfriend Melanie Martin is doing these days. He also shared a screenshot of a chat with a fan. You can see that the fan sent Aaron a screenshot of Melanie listening to Backstreet Boys’ song.

Melanie Martin

What’s confusing is, why Aaron liked the fan’s DM “ur ex is going off”.

He also stated that this is not the first time any of his exes has taunted him with Backstreet Boys lyrics:

Backstreet Boys

Claiming his flesh and blood is scheming against him

Some of his fans wanted him to get back together with Melanie Martin.

aaron Carter

Aaron Carter’s ex-girlfriend Lina Valentina also regularly comments on the images shared by Aaron & Nick’s sister, Angel Conrad.

Reason for breakup

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin’s breakups always revolve around her ex-boyfriend Kurt Benz or cheating allegations. Aaron might have been trying to prove that he is over Melanie Martin. However, she is still sharing subliminal messages of her still loving Aaron. She is also low-key defending herself against the cheating allegations.

Aaron Carter girlfriend

Both Melanie and Aaron have lied and manipulated each other in the relationship. Melanie allegedly faked pregnancy while Aaron has been lying about his health as well. Perhaps this was the reason why fans thought it was pointless and frustrating to keep track of their relationship. Both have been saying negative things about each other after every breakup, and the very next moment they are back together again.

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