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Back to the Future stars are reuniting for another time travel movie!

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There are few movies that have been as impactful on pop culture as Back to the Future. Not only is the entire trilogy perfect, but it’s also timeless and cannot be remade. However, that does not mean that Hollywood didn’t try its hand on other time travel movies. Now, Hallmark Channel is making a time travel Christmas movie, and it will have a couple of Back to the Future stars that we all recognize!

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Next Stop, Christmas, featuring Doc Brown and Loraine Baines-McFly

Back To The Future Stars Are Reuniting For Another Time Travel Movie!
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Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc Brown in Back to the Future, will be reuniting with Lea Thompson, who played Loraine Baines-McFly in the trilogy. They’re starring in a Christmas movie named Next Stop, Christmas. And the premise, just like the 1985 blockbuster, is there will be time travel! The movie follows a woman who takes a journey into the past, as the synopsis reads:

Angie wonders what her life would be like if she had married a former boyfriend who became a famous sportscaster. She takes the train home to spend Christmas with her family and inexplicably finds herself 10 years in the past. With the advice of the train’s enigmatic conductor, Angie has the chance to revisit that Christmas and learn what – and who – is truly important to her.

The Back to the Future stars will be accompanied by Lyndsy Fonseca of How I Met Your Mother and Chandler Massey from the Days of our Lives. Despite the hype around this film, it’s unlikely that this movie, or any time travel movie, can ever top the 1985 classic.

Will there ever be a Back to the Future 4?

Back To The Future Stars Are Reuniting For Another Time Travel Movie!
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We are right now living in the age of sequels. Even The Matrix, a trilogy that ended 18 years ago, is getting a fourth reboot. Jurassic Park is also getting reboots, which makes fans eager to see a Back to the Future 4. However, it looks like that is out of the question for the creators. Bob Gale, the writer of the movie, completely ruled out the idea last year, saying:

We already made a lot of money. You know, you don’t sell your kids into prostitution. It was the wrong thing to do. We put ‘The End’ at the end of part three.

We might never see a Back to the Future 4, but we will see Next Stop, Christmas, which is set to debut on November 6.

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