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Gabby Petito: FBI confirms body found in Wyoming Park is the missing blogger

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After weeks of investigation and search, the FBI has confirmed that the body found is actually Gabby Petito. At the same time, they have ruled her death as a homicide. It all began when Petito’s family reported her missing a few days back. Despite him being the only person in contact with her, Brian Laundrie refused to come forward with any information. After few days, his family reported him missing as well. With her death confirmed, Laundrie is still the person of interest. However, he has not been charged with any crime yet. He is still missing and the police are searching for him.

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While Brian Laundrie returned from their trip, there was no sign of Gabby Petito

During their cross-country trip, Gabby Petito stayed in touch with her family. At one point, she and her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, had a fight and the police had to intervene. Initially, it was ruled out as a normal scuffle between the couple. However, a 911 call came forward which indicates that Laundrie might have hit her. On 1st September, Laundrie drove the same van they were traveling in and came back to his house in Florida. Although he should have contacted the police, he refused to come forward with any information. When Gabby Petito’s family reported her missing, police started the search. After few days, Laundrie’s family also reported him missing. A couple of days ago, the police found a body in Wyoming.

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Today, FBI confirmed that the body they found is Gabby Petito

Gabby Petito: FBI Confirms Body Found In Wyoming Park Is The Missing Blogger

After they found the body in Wyoming, the police hinted that it could be Gabby Petito. However, they waited for the autopsy report. Finally, the FBI confirmed that it is indeed her body. The confirmation came after a coroner’s report found that it is a homicide case. According to the FBI’s Denver office:

“Teton County Coroner Dr Brent Blue confirmed the remains are those of Gabrielle Venora Petito… Coroner Blue’s initial determination for the manner of death is homicide.”

After the confirmation of her death, the police has urged the public to come forward with information about Laundrie

According to a TikToker, she and her boyfriend gave a ride to Brian Laundrie. In a series of videos, she told that he claimed to be camping on his own. Meanwhile, Gabby Petito was in their van working on the social media posts. Before he even entered the car, he offered to pay them $200. They picked him up from Colter Bay, Wyoming which is close to the location of Gabby Petito. After this news came out, the police are urging people to come forward with any information they have about Brian Laundrie.

Although this case has become an obsession for many, hopefully, Gabby Petito’s family will be able to mourn her in peace.

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