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Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett defend their romance against haters

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Although it has been months since Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett came out as a couple, people are still hating on them. Recently, Hossler addressed the hate on Instagram and claimed that Barrett saved his life. Despite them having a strong bond, people still criticize them for their past. At the same time, people started claiming that he would cheat on his girlfriend while on tour. However, the couple seems to be unfazed and are moving ahead happily.

The drama began in February when Jaden Hossler appeared on Barrett’s music video

When Jaden Hossler and Josh Richards joined Sway House, they became best friends. Similarly, they chose to leave the house together as well. At that time, Richards was dating Nessa Barrett and Hossler was going out with Mads Lewsi. This way, the TikTok power couple became good friends. However, all went downhill when cheating rumors started flying. Although Richards and Barrett broke up, Lewis and Hossler were still dating on and off. In February this year, Jaden Hossler made an appearance in Nessa Barrett’s music video, La Di Die. Shortly after, Lewis and Hossler unfollowed each other on social media. After that, Lewis posted a TikTok, criticizing Hossler and wrote:

“I was never jealous of a song nor jealous of her. I know Ness better than anyone and she knows exactly why I posted this video and that’s all that matters.”

Shortly after, Hossler and Barrett made their relationship official.

After the music video, Richards decided to keep matters private and deal with them on his own. However, Mads Lewis and Nessa Barrett started a social media war. After Lewis’ post, Barrett clapped back and said:

i have been through so much recently. i’ve broken down completely 2 weeks ago and have nearly done something that is irreversible. i got up and decided to release all of the negatives in my life. i’m not in a place to entertain those full of hatred and lies.

In April, Jaden Hossler and Barrett stepped out in public and confirmed their relationship status. This made Richards and Lewis even more mad. However, Barrett commented on the entire situation and said:

“I don’t need to pity myself. I know the decision I made. Y’all don’t know the whole story and probably never will because the truth hurts and should never be online.”

Since then, the couple is going strong and has made their relationship public on social media as well.

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Recently, Jaden Hossler addressed the hate he and Barrett were receieving

Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett defend their romance against haters

Since they started dating, people have not forgiven them for their past. According to people, they both cheated on their respective partners and shamelessly came out as a couple. Although their ex-partners have moved on, people have not. At the moment, Jaden Hossler is on tour for his debut album, Tell Me About Tomorrow. Recently, someone posted a comment on his TikTok video which read:

“I can already see him cheating on Nessa while [he’s] on tour.”

This did not sit well with Hossler and he replied back:

“F**k outta here, I’m not w all that dumb sh*t. That’s my girl and always will be. Wouldn’t risk that for the world. I’m here to play music.”

Despite that, the backlash continued. This prompted him to post a detailed reply on his Instagram stories. Jaden Hossler wrote:

“I just want to say I’ve seen some dumbass people online saying some dumbass sh*t . We are open enough to put our relationship online bc we are genuinely happy. Y’all don’t know what anyone has been through, so stop tearing into people you have never met. I’ve never found joy like I found w Nessa. She deserves the world y’all have no idea. I know this won’t do much bc people online are toxic as f**k, but since everyone was giving their opinion I thought I would too. This girl saved my life.”

Although they have made mistakes in the past, the hate Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrette receive is too much. At least, they are trying to right their mistakes with a solid bond.

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