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Sopranos’ creator David Chase ‘extremely angry’ at HBO Max release of The Many Saints of Newark

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The much-awaited Sopranos prequel movie, The Many Saints of Newark, is about to hit the theatres on October 1st, 2021. And The Sopranos fans are jovial as they’re about to reenter the world of the New Jersey mob boss for the first time since 2007. However, the creator of the show as well as the movie, the legendary David Chase, is not happy with how the movie is being distributed. Chase has said that he is ‘extremely angry’ at Warner Bros. for releasing The Many Saints of Newark on HBO Max simultaneously with its theatrical release.

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David Chase is livid over The Many Saints of Newark being available on HBO Max at the time of release

Sopranos Creator David Chase Extremely Angry At HBO Max Release Of The Many Saints Of Newark
YouTube | Warner Bros.

The pandemic made everyone think that the days of the cinema and theatres are numbered. But, with the arrival of the COVID vaccine, life is starting to return to normalcy. But before this all seemed in sight, Warner Bros. had already struck a deal with HBO Max, deciding to release its entire slate of 2021 films on the streaming platform. And David Chase’s The Many Saints of Newark is one of them. And that is not a pleasant idea according to Chase, as he told Deadline that he was “extremely angry” when he found out about the Sopranos prequel moving to HBO max. In fact, he said he still is angry, saying:

I don’t think, frankly that I would’ve taken the job if I knew it was going to be a day-and-date release. I think it’s awful.

Then, David Chase further explained that people would see The Many Saints of Newark as an extension of The Sopranos episode instead of a movie. And that displeased Chase a lot, as he continued:

I mean, I don’t know how much you go into this, you know, like…okay. If I was…one of those guys, if one of those executives was sitting here and I was to start pissing and moaning about it, they’d say, you know, there’s 17 other movies that have the same problem. What could we do? Covid! Well, I know, but those 16 other movies didn’t start out as a television show. They don’t have to shed that television image before you get people to the theater. But we do. And that’s where we’re at. People should go see (The Many Saints of Newark) in a theater. It was designed to be a movie. It was…it’s beautiful as a movie. I never thought that it would be back on HBO. Never.

Other directors like Chris Nolan ar displeased as well

Of course, the HBO Max decision was made at a time when the pandemic was rampant. But right now, there isn’t much point for Warner Bros to release such incredible films on streaming platforms. Even back then, Christopher Nolan vehemently spoke against this decision, saying that this would kill cinema. Regardless, The Many Saints of Newark will still be released on HBO Max as well as in theatres. But as fans, there are still several around the world who cannot go to cinemas. For them, this is fantastic news.

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