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James Gandolfini & Michael Imperioli had to be chained to shoot this Sopranos scene because they got so drunk

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Whenever you ask any cast member of The Sopranos, they always reiterate just how amazing it was to work on the HBO show. The cast would always have fun with each other, making it a truly memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience for all who worked on the show. And one big reason for that joy was James Gandolfini and his jovial presence on the set of the show. This one time, things got so wild between Gandolfini and his co-star Michael Imperioli that they had to be chained to a tree to shoot this one scene. And this was all because they got blind drunk, as revealed by co-star Steve Schirripa.

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How a bit of drinking forced The Sopranos crew to tie James Gandolfini’s leg to a tree

James Gandolfini & Michael Imperioli Had To Be Chained To Shoot This Sopranos Scene Because They Got So Drunk

In a recent interview with the Insider, Schirripa talked about a scene in the episode Whoever Did This from season four of The Sopranos. In the scene, *SPOILERS*, Tony Soprano tries to get rid of the body of Ralph Cifaretto, one of his capos. Tony killed Ralph after a dispute over Tony’s racehorse, Pie-O-My, which resulted in his death. And to get rid of Ralph’s body, Tony had to call on his cousin Christopher Moltisanti for help. In one of the scenes, we see Tony throw Ralph’s body over the edge of a cliff. However, before shooting this scene, James Gandolfini and Michael Imperioli had shared a whiskey. As a result, they got so drunk that the crew had to chain their legs to a tree just to be sure that they didn’t fall off the cliff. Schirripa recalled:

On the break, while they set up the lights, Michael and Jim drank a bottle of Wild Turkey. They were so drunk that they had to chain their legs to a tree because they were afraid they were going to fall off the cliff.

James Gandolfini & Michael Imperioli Had To Be Chained To Shoot This Sopranos Scene Because They Got So Drunk

The show might have ended 14 years ago, but the craze of The Sopranos is never over. And that is why David Chase has brought them the much-awaited Sopranos prequel movie – The Many Saints of Newark. It promises to be an experience unlike any other, as promises David Chase. Moreover, fans will finally get to see the highly-anticipated performance of Michael Gandolfini as Tony Soprano. After his father’s death, fans have been eagerly waiting for Michael to truly further James Gandolfini’s legacy. For that, we’ll have to wait for the release date of The Many Saints of Newark – 1st October 2021. Until then, you can try and binge The Sopranos on HBO Max.

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