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Trisha Paytas & Moses Hacmon Get Into Messy Fight with Hila Ethan Klein Over Sexual Assault Allegations

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Another day, another drama in the Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein saga. After Klein deleted a video from Frenemies podcast, Paytas came for him in full force. This time, they are not alone and have Moses Hacmon with them. In a series of tweets, videos and Instagram live, Paytas addressed sexual assault and lying allegations against them and Moses. At the same time, they broke down in a YouTube video.

Few days back, Ethan Klein announced that he will be deleting a video from Frenemies podcast

During their time on the Frenemies podcast, Trisha Paytas shared incidents of molestation and sexual assault. According to them, a high school teacher assaulted them. At the same time, they said that they were not the only victim. Consequently, the teacher got arrested and served time for the possession of child p***graphy. However, Klein claims that there is not sufficient evidence to prove Paytas’ accusations. Therefore, he decided to delete that video. He also mentioned that the teacher has passed away and cannot defend himself, he is obliged to delete the video.

On the other hand, Trisha Paytas’ fiancée, Moses Hacman is also facing serious allegations

For a few weeks, a woman named Daphney is accusing Moses of r**e and cheating. According to her, they were in a relationship before Trisha Paytas and he cheated on her. At the same time, this woman claimed that he has cheated on Paytas as well. While Paytas does not seem to care about these allegations, Moses has denied everything. Not only did he never date Daphney, all of her accusations are false. Furthermore, he shared the text messages and DMs he received from Daphney.

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After all this drama, Paytas decided to address the allegations and defend themself

Since yesterday, there have been countless tweets, leaked DMs, YouTube videos and live streams. All of them to address the allegations against Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon. According to Paytas, Hila and Ethan Klein are spreading lies about them. At the same time, they begged Kleins to stop talking about them on their podcast. This fuels the online hate against them and Hacmon. In the leaked text messages, Trisha Paytas pleads with Kleins to stop mentioning them. According to them, Moses is being sued by someone claiming he forced himself on her. This could jeopardize his status in the US. They also said that cops showed up at their mother’s house after their sexual assault claims resurfaced. In the end, Trisha Paytas made a video where they were crying badly and pleading Ethan Klein to stop. They have also made their Twitter account private.

Shortly after the news went viral, Twitter showed up to put further fuel to the fire

As always Twitterattis considered it their moral duty to pour in their opinion about the whole situation. While few sided with Trisha Paytas, others were team Ethan Klein. Some Twitter users poked fun at Paytas’ decision to make their account private.

Meanwhile, another user made a very mean comment of their public breakdown.


Another user called out Trisha Paytas for traumatizing their high school teacher’s family.

Needless to say, people wanted them to take responsibility for their words and actions.


After their public breakdown, Ethan Klein and his team has decided to take a break from the podcast for a week. With this break and Paytas going private, there will be peace for a few days. Few hours? Maybe a couple of hours. Let’s see.

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